It’s been eight years since Chancellor Berdahl relinquished his reign over the university. Now, Chancellor Birgeneau is stepping Looks Can Kill (1)down at the end of the semester – check that, at the end of the school year… the old man just can’t seem to make up his mind. Now, we could focus on how he’s inherently likable as a Canadian, originally from one of the schools that tied us in world rankings, or one of the most cited physicists across the globe, but that’s all validating and boring.

Instead, let’s focus on his just-announced replacement. In choosing Nicholas B. Dirks as the 10th Chancellor, the university’s advisory committee has proven that first impressions are important, and of course, that looks can kill.

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They could use this up and down Telegraph. Don’t you think?


Image Source: BostInno, Courtesy

No we don’t think anyone’s accusing us of arson, we just like making Billy Joel references.

Yet another fire broke out this morning at a west Berkeley art gallery, causes not yet known. A few people were dislodged, and a couple firemen were mildly injured – not by the fire but my a resident dog. Not only was it a dog, but it was a Chihuahua. Named Chuco. So the fire wasn’t exactly fatal, and pales in comparison to the Haste/Telegraph fire last fall. But after that fire, the one at Great China and now this one, we are starting to get frustrated. Why does Berkeley insist on being so flammable? read more »

It has been a relaxing, peaceful week at Berkeley, hmmm?

relaxProfessors happily lecturing on their beloved subjects. Squirrels pouncing on each other. Us college folks getting pumped for the Big Game. Pot Food plentiful and smiles warming the air with love and laughter and joy and bright hippie sunshine!

No, we’re kidding. In reality, as we all know, many things of the opposite nature were circulating and electrifying the air. Students were calling loudly for the sake of their education. Classes were being cancelled due to angry faculty. Batons were, in the ever-so-accurate words of the Associated Press, “nudging” protestors and leaving them with bruises, broken ribs and sore spleens. The Haas School of Business experienced an alarming shooting and unexpected death.

And now, just in case all that wasn’t enough, a building on the corner of Telegraph Ave. and Haste St. caught fire Friday evening.

According to the Daily Cal, the fire began at around 8:48 p.m. and the cause of the fire is not yet entirely known.


11:23 p.m. (Taken from Unit 3 Priestley Hall) Beverly Cleary residents were strongly recommended to evacuate the building.


11:42 p.m. Fire is still raging.

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Party at Caffe Mediterraneum! (Let’s hope.) This cafe, located on Telegraph Avenue, is in the process applying for a permit to stay open all night. The Telegraph Business Improvement District likes the prospect of businesses staying open until late, making Telegraph a more lively street in the deep dark of night.

We agree. Think about it; we all get midnight cravings. Cooking is out of the question when we’re halfway through studying a fat textbook. What better way to take a break (or not, for the overachievers among us,) than to grab some food with your friends in between library hopping? How about an excuse to quit bumming around the house at 4 a.m. (because we all know, Berkeley students do not sleep)? Keep your hopes high; it sounds promising!

Image Source: Carli Baker, The Daily Californian
Cafe Owner Aims to Extend Hours [Daily Cal]

maozFor those of you unfamiliar with the curse of Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way, there appears to be a patch of inarable land, so-to-speak, where no business can successfully sprout. Last year we saw some …  unique establishments test out the waters of this business dead zone.

Maoz–a vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant–is the latest brave soul to move in, hoping to break the streak of business busts. At least their menu selection (falafel sandwiches, Belgian fries, eggplant, Babaganoush) looks a little more promising than cereal sandwiches and gourmet cream puffs …

With locations throughout the US, continental Europe and the UK, Moaz is basically the Chipotle of falafel: fresh ingredients, made to order. Their “Meal Deals” (sandwich, fries, beverage) run a bit on the pricey side ($8.00+), but they do have a complimentary salad bar. And judging by our sample on our way home, their falafel is worth every penny. read more »


A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Girl Scouts’ new “cookie program:” a full-scale sales operation including rallies, phone banking, the Internet and even personal texts. The good ol’ days when an adorable smile and a sash were all a girl needed to sell a box of cookies appeared to be over.

While we patiently awaited a cookie call or a Tagalong text, we spotted something that all our careful Clogging had shown to be impossible: Girl Scouts … in the flesh. For the past couple of days, and until sometime next week, the much-loved cookie-bearers are on the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph Avenue, at the entrance of campus. Keep an eye out!

In case you haven’t noticed, the Clog kinda has a thing for all kinds of confections, and Girl Scout cookies (some of us ex-scouts ourselves) hold a special place in our stomachs’ hearts. If you spot any other Girl Scout cookie activity around the city, drop us the cross streets.

Image Source: Ruby Lee

Nom nom nom. Over the past couple of days, we noticed a crop of port-a-potties that sprouted at various points along Telegraph Ave. and wondered why they were there. Were they an attempt to use reverse psychology on the trademark Telegraph piss smell? Or were they simply harbingers of some upcoming, traffic-blocking, semi-pointless-but-still-kinda-cool Berkeley event? The suspense was killing us.

This morning, we got our answer as the day dawned, bright and clear, on the first of three LastSundaysFests that will take place this summer. The two remaining aptly named LastSundaysFests are scheduled for Aug. 30 and Sept. 27–days which astute calendar interpreters will recognize as, well, the last Sundays of their respective months.

As far as we could tell, the event is basically like a summer version of the Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair, plus a bounce house and minus a Santa. So, you know. It all sort of balances out, we suppose.

LastSundaysFest on Telegraph [Website]

More than a year ago Mayor Tom Bates decided that we could no longer smoke, panhandle or unroll our sleeping bags on the streets of Berkeley, but things (as you can tell) have yet to really change. Disgruntled shop owners have been grumbling about the “crowded and dirty sidewalks and inappropriate or threatening street behavior” (apparently this is a kinder way of saying sidewalk squatting, aggressive panhandling, smoking, and doing one’s … business). read more »


We all know that storefronts on Telegraph Avenue are a hot commodity, mainly because they are a flipflop shuffle from, well–pretty much anywhere Berkeley students might find themselves at any given time. Thus, it follows that businesses that occupy the precious real estate close to campus are, most definitely, extremely important.

Accordingly, we felt it was our duty to check out (albeit, briefly) the newly reopened Rexall Owl Drugs (or is it Owl Rexall Drugs? Or Owl Drugs Rexall?) We admit it–we weren’t around for the old pharmacy, but Yelp says it kind of sucked, and was pushed O.O.B. by everyone’s favorite, Walgreen’s! Rexall Drugs 2.0 (Clarification: the new tenants of the Rexall facade, a.k.a. Sam’s Market) lacks the drugs, but now has a decent-looking deli counter, dairy products, fruit, a hefty selection of dry goods, and a truly impressive fridge section full of more varieties of root beer than we have ever seen–ever. read more »