as a bat

Sure, you might be thinking about that first time you fell in love and all the world was rosy and perfect and beautiful, but that’s not what we meant. We meant blind in the literal sense. Like Carol, who never wore her safety goggles. That kind of blind.

Why are we rambling on about this?

Because an unfortunate and anonymous individual somewhere in the ether seems to suffer temporary blindness every time he, well, you know … gets a little lovin’.  And since Berkeley PhD students are too busy acquiring an education and all that good shiznit to be getting some lovin’ of their own, we weren’t surprised to find out that it was two Berkeley MCB PhD kids who unearthed this gem of a story … and promptly put it up on their blog. (Oh, the thrills of living vicariously through the online medical community.)

Turns out that the poor sometimes-blind soul our blogger buddies made semi-famous has been suffering from vasoconstriction (muscle-induced narrowing of the body’s blood vessels), and it is this malady that is responsible his bedroom blindness. Lucky for him, some doctor s figured all this out pretty quickly, gave him a dose of something magical, restored his sight and made all the world rosy again. This time for reals.

Image Source: Stacy Lynn Baum under Creative Commons
Man Goes Blind From Having Sex [Fox News]