mountainlion If you happened to be strolling around the Gourmet Ghetto area very early this morning, you may have come across a rather unusual sight. A mountain lion, first reported to the Berkeley Police Department at 2:13 a.m., led police on a bit a of a chase.

The big cat was eventually shot dead around 3:26 a.m. by officers near 1630 Walnut St., about a block away from Chez Panisse and just around the corner from sandwich holy grail and Clog favorite Gregoire.

It is still quite unclear what the mountain lion’s motivation was for promenading in North Berkeley in the middle of the night, and it seems we may never know.

Image Source: SearchNetMedia under Creative Commons
Mountain Lion Shot, Killed Near Shattuck Avenue [Daily Cal]

Never fear! I'll save you!

In case you missed it, a few weeks back some mischievous crafters decided to knit a cover for the letter “T” on a sculpture near the Berkeley-Oakland border that reads “Here There.”

Apparently, some offence was taken to the fact the artwork designates Berkeley as “Here” and Oakland as “There,” and a quote by Gertrude Stein about Oakland, in which she said “There is no there there.” They felt this relegated Oakland to an inferior status.

So, in a shocking act of civil disobedience, read more »

teethNow, San Francisco’s Muni trains have never seemed to us to be beacons of safety, civility, law and order, but we heard a story today that unnerved us more than most.

A 32-year-old Berkeley resident suspects that a fellow Muni rider followed her off the bus and … wait for it … stole her teeth.

Elena Aronson said she was commuting to work on a Muni bus back in April when a man sitting next to her proclaimed that he wanted her teeth, read more »

In a statement that has us at the Clog rather terrified, a UC Berkeley structural engineer had some choice words to say about the Bay Bridge. Spoiler alert: he is not a fan.

Yesterday, Professor Abolhassan Astaneh said the Bay Bridge has not been safe since the eyebar repair that had to be performed over Labor Day weekend.

“You have to shut down this bridge immediately,” said Professor Astaneh.”There’s no doubt about it.” read more »