shorts11-235x300Out of context, a plethora of wire coat hangers manifesting in the Congressional mailroom might just seem confusing. But given the anti-abortion amendment currently under consideration in this week’s version of the health care bill, the innocuous objects, courtesy of Berkeley City Council, sent their message loud and clear. [SF Gate]

Not to single anyone out or anything, but on the subject of a certain “type of terrorism” that went down on Friday, we have this to say: here’s a feel-good story about a group of people who truly had something to complain about. Believe us: We could not be any less sarcastic … Just hoping to offer some of you a little perspective. [MercuryNews]

And, on that note, be glad you’re not about to go on trial for allegedly trespassing in Iran. In an anomalous bout of Cloggy optimism, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a reasonable ruling—i.e., one that sends the hikers home, for crying out loud. [BayNewser]

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Late last night, a group of people marched on Bobby B’s University House and ended up scattering garbage, destroying lighting and overturning planters. Eight people ended up being arrested by UCPD after the Birg called the fuzz at 11:14 p.m., and two of those arrested were UC Berkeley students. Wait, just two? According to UCPD, the names and ages of the arrested are as follows (in approximate ascending order of age for your convenience): read more »

The Daily Cal published an article today about state assembly bill AB 2296, and the UC Berkeley NewsCenter reports that it passed through the Assembly Committee on Public Safety.

Why is this so important, and what is the bill about? AB 2296 was born a few months ago as an attempt to provide law enforcement with new tools for fighting terrorism aimed at scientists who use animals in their research. Specifically, it hopes to make the publication of researchers’ personal information—such as photographs and address—illegal. read more »

Earlier today, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau issued a statement condemning the terrorist activities of several animal rights activists. Last weekend, terrorists firebombed a house and car of a UC Santa Cruz scientist who uses animals in his research, injuring him.

In the message, the chancellor urges reasonable people to support the passage of a state assembly bill that would make it easier to fight terrorism aimed at scientists with histories of animal research.

We, too, hope those that aren’t poisoned with murderous ideologies will support rational discourse and condemn violent, regressive acts with the utmost vigor.

Image Source: .klash under Creative Commons
Message from Chancellor Birgeneau: Researchers must be free from threats and violence by animal rights terrorists [NewsCenter]
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