Name: GO SMS Pro

Platform(s): Android

Price: Free

Mission: Make texting fun for Android

To be blunt, the stock SMS app for Android is boring and short on features. It sends your texts and that’s about it. Compared to iMessage, the stock SMS app looks a plain No. 2 pencil.

Android users deserve more.

They deserve a powerful app packed full of extra functionality. They deserve pop-up quick reply boxes and the ability to put a password on their SMS app to keep their nosy friends out of their business! They deserve themes to keep things festive and, perhaps most importantly, EMOJI because they deserve to have some fun too.

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For all you Android users lusting for the ability to send texts from your computer, the Mighty Text Android app and web app are a fantastic solution. You no longer have to lust for an iMessage like situation. Sure you could set up Google Voice, but it’s a hassle. You either have to get a new number or port your number to Google. Mighty Text only takes seconds to set up and it changes your life.

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So you’re spending some quality in the bathroom, on the porcelain. You whip out your smart phone and respond to some texts, check your Facebook and maybe shoot off a couple tweets. It’s a good use of time, we at the Clog certainly don’t expect you to sit there and ponder life as people have done for thousands of years. This is the 21st century, put that smart phone to use.

However if you’re in a public bathroom there are a couple dos and don’ts.

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texting!In our desire to avoid midterm preparation at all costs, the Clog decided to waste some time wandering around on the internet — what else is new? After tiring of Hulu and losing to our computer in endless matches of Hearts, we turned to a true classic, albeit an oft-forgotten one, as of late: Texts From Last Night.

Sure, TFLN-browsing is a kind of embarrassing habit to announce to the online world, but hey, we’re willing to bet that you do it, too. So take the judgment that you were so totally directing at us, and focus it upon these people.

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So the other night on College Avenue we saw this bearded, inebriated-seeming 20-something male peddling his circa ’85 Peugeot hands free, due north. He had a box of 2 buck Chuck strapped above his rear wheel, what looked suspiciously like a didgeridoo strapped to his back, he was smoking a cigarette and here’s the kicker: he was texting.

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text while driving! Alright, we’ll knock it off with the Santa jokes as soon as it’s no longer December, or as soon as we’re not too lazy to think of something better. But, seriously, come Jan. 1, texting behind the wheel will be a bigger faux pas than bustin’ out a Nativity pun at a Jewish funeral in April. Yeah. We said it. read more »