Gamboling about Telegraph Avenue will inevitably land the inquisitive meal-seeker near that street’s very own restaurant row. What ho, though, for the face of it has changed! What used to be Slurp is now newest addition Thai Noodle II, now with added roman numerals and a few less scribbly, paint-blotch works of art mounted on the walls. This intrepid Clogger is happy to report that the new location’s scheduled to open tomorrow; and if not tomorrow, sometime in the following week at the latest.

Thai Noodle II will serve the same steaming plates of cheap deliciousness, but it’s doing a few things different from the original. read more »

Jan. 29, to be precise. Last we heard, Temple owners were hand-wringing over the cancellation of the November Zoning Adjustments Board meeting, which was supposed to grant them freedom to do whatever the heck they darn well wanted. According to more enlightened sources, the City of Berkeley needs time to complete an urban study. That’s a study of traffic and noise, the website adds helpfully. And by ‘time’, they mean several weeks.

More entertaining are the lengths to which the Temple has gone to publicize the affair and stave off the elimination of their venerable Sunday institution. The Facebook group alone has almost 800 members, the Youtube video is here, and apparently there’s a MySpace page in the works, too.

Anyway. While we wait in breathless suspense, have your post with a side order of crunch time procrastination.

Image Source: Kenn Christ under Creative Commons
Save Sundays at the Thai Temple! []

Berkeley’s Thai Temple: the only place, besides Vegas, where you can you find large masses of people eating buffet-style and changing their money into chips in the same place. For those of you who frequent the Asian Ghetto (or is it the Durant Food Court?), Thai House, or Tuk Tuk Thai to get your fix of the flavors of Thailand, consider your life incomplete. Thai brunch is perhaps one of the oddest, most aggressive, and certainly one of the most memorable dining experiences you will ever have.

Tucked within the residential district of South Berkeley between MLK Jr. Way and Otis St., Wat Mongkolratanaram’s Sunday brunch is the equivalent of a cheap Asian restaurant transplanted into the cement backyard of a temple, which also offers Thai language and dance lessons to interested diners. The food is served cafeteria-style (we enviously wonder if their cafeterias in Thailand are really like this) and visitors exchange tokens to receive almost any Thai dish imaginable.

Anyway, we’ve told you about this place before. What can we say? We love our Thai food. read more »