thing 1:2

Look at all the Berkeley food gossip we’ve noticed in the past few days — it looks like a Thai Noodle I is about to take over where a burnt down Raleigh’s used to be. Whether or not Cafe Med will ever be resurrected on that same corner (Telegraph and Haste) is questionable.

But really Thai Noodle franchise? Is it necessary to have two of your restaurants, albeit with different numbers, on the same street? Oh the choices we’ll have to make when choosing our Thai food. The battle of Thing 1 versus Thing 2 is set to begin. Or in this case, Thai I versus Thai II.

Image source: DrSam under Creative Commons

Gamboling about Telegraph Avenue will inevitably land the inquisitive meal-seeker near that street’s very own restaurant row. What ho, though, for the face of it has changed! What used to be Slurp is now newest addition Thai Noodle II, now with added roman numerals and a few less scribbly, paint-blotch works of art mounted on the walls. This intrepid Clogger is happy to report that the new location’s scheduled to open tomorrow; and if not tomorrow, sometime in the following week at the latest.

Thai Noodle II will serve the same steaming plates of cheap deliciousness, but it’s doing a few things different from the original. read more »