Do you have an essay due the day or week you get back from Turkey weekend? A midterm? Anything? If you don’t, you’re one of the lucky few…and probably don’t go to Berkeley. Everyone’s got something or another to do. And if you booked it out of the rain-spattered city before the half-week even started, you may have even more to make up getting lecture notes. Aren’t breaks fun?

Work work work

Since the beginning of formal education, students have been arguing the counterproductive nature of assigning work over holidays. Aren’t we supposed to relax on our days off? Shouldn’t a school break mean a break from homework and studying as well? Apparently not, given that there’s often more work to take home for the holidays than during a normal class week.

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 We know how it is. You barely finished stuffing yourself on Thursday before realizing that your big research project is due in a few days. On top of that, the finals apocalypse is near. Thanksgiving break, ha! It’s more like a Thanksgiving breakdown.Welcome to the end-of-semester rush–when stress runs high and the days run at an all-time low. Your plan may be to work nonstop through the next three weeks, but the Clog suggests you take a breather or two to enjoy the Bay Area’s warm, fuzzy holiday cheer. Not only will it make you feel merry and bright–but it’s also good for the economy. And that’s what the holiday season is all about: showing love … for the economy. Long live consumerism!From ballets, to skating rinks and musicals, the Clog has a lovely lineup of spirited entertainment for you this holiday season. But before you take any of our suggestions, finish up that leftover turkey.The San Jose Mercury News recently printed a post-Thanksgiving turkey recipe by Alice Waters, the mother of Chez Panisse and California cuisine. She will also hold book signings for “The Art of Simple Food” at two Bay Area locations next weekend.Once the leftovers are all gone, sweat off the mashed potato pounds with some intense holiday ice skating. Berkeley’s Iceland is no longer in business, but the outdoor ice rink at the Embarcadero is open, and so is the Oakland Ice Center.As for holiday performances, get tickets to the San Francisco Ballet’s “Nutcracker” before they’re all gone. If you’re one for less traditional fare, however, Cal Performances will be featuring “The Hard Nut”–a modern rendition of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet–starting Dec. 14 in Zellerbach Hall.Other shows this season include Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, and “Seussical the Musical”–which runs until Dec. 2 at the Berkeley Playhouse. We don’t know why that counts as a holiday event, but we think the Grinch might be making a cameo. If you like trees more than theaters, Tilden Park will be hosting a nature-themed “Christmas Fantasy in the Woods” until Dec. 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.And after you do all that, ease the guilt by giving. ASUC will have a Holiday Drive next week on Upper Sproul, where you can donate everything from toothbrushes to pillows to the Tag body spray you bought before you realized it was the scent of heterosexual male insecurity.Or you can just study.Happy Holidays!