Although Stanford somehow managed to take home the axe after last year’s Big Game, this year they were hacked into firewood and pulverized into sawdust, so to speak, in a 37-16 victory on Saturday. Their “mascot,” which looked like a bunch of poinsettia-inspired potholders attached to a metal rack with bloodshot eyes and a creepily smiley mouth hanging off it like a Christmas ornament, was basically just a redder and more infuriated version of last year’s just as unsightly counterpart.

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It was always a joy whenever The Big Game went down to Palo Alto, especially in the Tedford era. We think Palo Alto’s the only place where Cal fans truly “take over” an opposing side’s territory.

This year, undoubtedly, Stanfurd will be painted blue all over again, but there’ll be fewer Blue and Gold clad fans inside Stanfurd Stadium.

The Card downgraded from its 85,000-seat stadium to a brand spankin’ new 50,000-seater. Less seats means less fans, unless somehow Cal fans can buy all those tickets. But at least we still get to call it The Big Game.

For this year’s Big Game (and for the rest of its home schedule) Stanfurd is reserving 35,000 of its seats for its season ticket holders, students, faculty and fans. All visiting teams will get 15,011, even the hated weenies from “Kal.”

Of those 15,011, only 5,000 will go to students, faculty and the Cal Band (and fucking Rally Comm). Actually, maybe Rally Comm will send all their kids to “guard” the Axe on the field. You know, when they walk around the sidelines, carrying the Axe. You don’t look that cool. You would look cool if you did it in front of the Stanfurd fans all game. Anyway …

The rest will be going to the donors who sit on the opposite side of the Student Section (when are we going to hear that new name?), who sit on their asses all day in the shade and don’t make any noise.

This has caused so much of a panic that even Old Blues are buying Stanfurd season tickets. But that’s blasphemy says one Cal fan.

bq. “I’m not giving them my money,” said Bonnie Hazarabedian, who is such a Cal fan that she named her daughter Callie. “There has to be a better option.”

BTW, if we were naming our kid after the university, we’d name him or her Oski or Ludwig or even Campanile, not Cal-lie.