bikingIt’s no secret that Google is slowly taking over the world. They control a good chunk of the world’s online content and a whole lotta the population’s personal information (forever), they’ve copied the world’s books, mapped the world’s streets and skies and most recently, the nation’s bike routes.

When you go to Google Maps, select your starting and ending location and choose “bicycling” from the drop-down menu of transportation methods. They already have data on bike lanes, recommended streets and trails for 150 cities nationwide. With all the one-way streets and hills in this town, we admit biking can be a little tricky. Personally, we gave it up once we realized biking up a hill was more work than it was worth (especially when you live 3 blocks from campus). read more »

Craigslist killed the pimp, the classifieds, your dignity, and as of  early March, The Berkeley Daily Planet.  Yesterday’s editorial from Becky and Mike O’Malley confirmed that lagging advertising revenues and the recent payroll scandal have driven The Planet’s paper edition into extinction.

Our condolences to O’Malley’s “40,000 read more »