get your picture, folksEver notice how it’s impossible to walk through campus without running into two or three — or 50 — of those giant photos of Cal students paired with their words of gratitude for this great institution (it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, don’t you know)?

That’s because a plethora of Berkeleians are just tickled by the opportunity to put their school spirit on display, and you could be among them, if you act now!

Sure, you missed out on getting your photo taken at Caltopia or at New Student Convocation, but fear not, aspiring models of the Berkeley world: There’s still time to participate in the “Thanks to Berkeley … ” PhotoBooth project! Simply stroll through Dwinelle Plaza on Tuesday (Aug. 23) between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and offer up your face (and maybe a sentence or two) to this noble cause. Tomorrow is your last chance to get in on this excitement — well, until the next time the PhotoBooth makes one of its appearances — so smile pretty for the camera and ask yourself why you’re grateful.

Image Source: hopeleslie under Creative Commons
Thanks to Berkeley … [The Campaign for Berkeley]

Is it hiding inside that hideous tent monstrosity on Memorial Glade? Will it birth from the those wooden poles in front of Dwinelle, like Athena from the head of Zeus? Or are these all mere decoys to distract us from the real location of the legendary art installation? After weeks on the edge of our seats, gripped with suspense and puzzlement about what the Campaign for Berkeley public art installation would look like, and–more importantly–where it would be located, the wait is over, and, frankly, we can’t say we’re falling out of our chairs with awe and wonderment. read more »

Today marks the first day of a full week of campus activities and events for The Campaign for Berkeley. The schedule will be jam-packed with concerts, a music festival, a poetry reading, quiz bowl, tours and open houses all throughout campus. UC Regents and program planners are targeting an audience of all ages, shapes, colors, cultures, denominations, education levels and, oh yeah, donor capacities. So tell your rich Uncle Sal to meet us for Story Hour at Morrison Library. Afterwards he can live it up – all the way up – with free rides to the top of the campanile. See here for a full list of events that will take place on campus.

Image Source: Crystl under Creative Commons
The Campaign for Berkeley [Web site]