The Coffee Spot is a magical place. It is home to cheerful baristas and sandwich-makers, tasty pasta salads and some creative fruit juice mixes. But, a far more remarkable feat, it is the only place we’ve encountered in our young lives which proudly lists “Grilled Cheese Croissants” on its menu.

Some might consider it an abomination to mix the delicate French pastries will the base, classic American comfort food of grilled cheese. As one of our esteemed Daily Cal colleagues noted about this post, “That headline makes me want to throw up.”

We disagree. Think of it as super comfort food. For when you’ve had three midterms in one day and your only solace is saturated fat. And it delivers, with melty cheese nestled between flaky croissant-halves. Pair it with coffee or another preferred morning beverage and you’ll feel better in no time.

The concoctions run about $3.50 at the Coffee Spot, which is on campus on Lower Sproul Plaza next to the Student Store and Bear’s Lair.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Image Source: konqui under Creative Commons


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