3874756199_fb16eb129cThinking of becoming a professor or just want to complain about how much the chancellor’s making while tuition fees are going up? Check out ucpay.globl.org, which allows you to look up the salary of any UC employee.

The data was obtained via public records requests by the San Francisco Chronicle. Sounds pretty legit to us. We had some fun with the salary generator. Here’s some that might interest you:

Robert Birgeneau: $445,716.00

John Yoo: $248,766.01

Judith Butler: $166,385.22

Hubert Dreyfus: $45,000.00

Alex Filippenko: $216,733.30

Richard Muller: $199,333.30

That’s right. Professor Dreyfus, inspiration for the Professor on Family Guy Futurama (thanks Ricardo and Matt), makes less than a third of what the other professors make and our chancellor makes more than the President. Don’t ask us.

ucpay.globl.org [Website]
Image Source: S Migol under Creative Commons.