It’s time to put on our super tight skinny jeans, distressed denim jackets and obscure band t-shirts, because we have a new music artist that we think you’ll like! Her name is Nanna Øland Fabricius, and if that wasn’t already fabulous enough, she became Oh Land at the beginning of her music career.
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Maybe we’re jumping the gun a bit on the summer status (although not if this weather has anything to say about it); but if you’re like us — i.e. poor — you’ll need plenty of time to financially strategize vis-a-vis all these shows.

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There hasn’t even been a full week of classes, but we’re willing to bet (particularly given this phenomenal weather) that you’re already looking for an escape. Which is why we’ve put together this round-up of all the upcoming Bay Area concerts that we, according to our impeccable standards, expect to be worth your valuable time and hard-earned money … and which aren’t already sold out.

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