laughterWith the borderline hysteria induced by school, we sometimes forget to take a step back and get in a good, knee-thumping laugh. Now that summer has finally dragged itself here (though the weather would suggest otherwise), it’s the perfect time to unwind.

The Marsh Berkeley is providing the perfect opportunity with the first Berkeley Gay Comedy Festival. Although Berkeley is not typically a hub for comedy, Deborah Badhia, Operations Director at the Downtown Berkeley Association, stated that the scene is on the rise.

With a monthly showcase at Shattuck Down Low, occasional shows at Freight & Salvage and biweekly shows at Saturn Cafe’s Space Lounge, it does seem that comedy has managed to find a few footholds in Berkeley.

The festival aims to make a more diverse group of comedians available and to present more forward-thinking comedy, according to Marga Gomez, founder of the festival. It will reject run-of-the-mill toilet humor for more thought-provoking comedy.

We’re thinking a little more Stephen Fry, and a little less Will Ferrell.

Image Source: Matthew Grapengieser under Creative Commons
Berkeley does comedy, goes beyond hipsters and dudes [Berkeleyside]