lebowski fest 2If you haven’t heard, the annual Indie Film Festival is going on now until the 18th over in the Mission (Roxie Theater, 16th and Valencia). And as the name suggests, they intend to get people drunk in the most cinephilic of fashions.

The Annual Big Lebowski Party is going down tomorrow, Feb. 12 (no rolling on Shabbos) at CellSpace and guests are encouraged to don their best Dude duds. As the flyer so succinctly advertises, there will be “White Russians! Mini Bowling! Beachside Trampoline Action! Flying Carpets! Nihilists!”

Party starts at 9 p.m. and costs $10, $5 in costume or free with any IndieFest ticket stub. 21 and over: “The Dude abides.”

Image Source: Ruby Elizabeth Lee

If the Bay Area literary scene produced an “Early 2000s Commemorative Bobblehead,” it would be in the shape of Dave Eggers, complete with eye patch, peg leg, baseball hat, and devilish grin. Love him or hate him, the man already has a sizable legacy of well-crafted writing and community outreach.

Berkeley philanthropes and McSweeney’s diehards alike flooded Berkeley Rep this week to watch Eggers converse with SF Chronicle’s Jon Carroll in a benefit for Park Day School in Oakland. Akin to most Bay Area literary charity functions, the talk comprised both humanizing personal stories and shameless plugs for Mission District non-profits fronting overpriced pirate regalia read more »