To help kick off the flurry of pre-Halloween parties (though maybe a few days too late), the Clog has compiled a list of verbs to help get your costume ideas off the ground.We know what a pain it is not to have a costume five minutes before the party starts. Though, we know that for those who wear a minimal amount of clothing to said Halloween parties, five minutes is more than enough time to get in your costume.Here are a few, more festive options than going nearly-naked or being lame and not wearing a costume at all:GO:To Halloween Headquarters, at 1500 San Pablo (formerly McNevin Auto Dealer). Shopping is sometimes the easiest option for *cough* uncreative *cough* people.To Spirit Halloween, at 2201 Shattuck Avenue (formerly Eddie Bauer).DECIDE:To be the first inanimate object in the room that you see. A stapler: bend a hanger into a staple. A baked potato: stuff your shirt with pillows, and wrap yourself in aluminum foil. (If you decide not to add cotton balls for sour cream, just tell everyone you are a Chipotle burrito.) C’mon, with a little cardboard or aluminum foil, you can be anything.SEARCH:At thrift stores, and think of a fantastic, nondescript label for your new ensemble.TRADE:Clothes from a bum, and pose as Berkeley personality. Better yet, dress up as the Happy Happy Happy guy, or the Lennon Murder Truth guy … though we’re not so sure that they will be willing to trade for their iconic signs.BE:Nice. OK, so this isn’t really a costume, but if you trick or treat for UNICEF, it makes up for not having a costume in our book.Halloween Headquarters [ShopInBerkeley]Spirit Halloween [ShopInBerkeley]Berkeley Used & Vintage Clothing [ShopInBerkeley]Bears for UNICEF [Web site]