WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ANNUAL MEETING 2010 DAVOSObviously, we have not forgotten documentary filmmaker Tiffany Shlain’s 2010 commencement experiment — the video montage in tribute to Berkeley grads’ apparent disconnect from the real world and inevitable disillusionment awaiting them just around the bend. That’s our take on it, anyway; to quote Jill Cowan in all her eloquent glory:

The bad news is that all of these people are going to have their hopes dashed against the cruel, rocky cliffs of reality, like so many crippled sea lions in a storm-swept sea … filled with oil.

Bearing that in mind, we figured it would be nice if this year’s speaker represented a less idealistic vision of the uphill battle that most new graduates are going to face. You know: someone who wasn’t born into a fortune, who fought the tides of economic inequality and won, who can convince us our B.A. in impracticality was not achieved in vain! (:pant pant:)

Apparently, the Californians (the group that organizes commencement) had the same idea: hence selecting read more »

… Hopefully. So, remember that “experimentTiffany Shlain was supposed to be doing in conjunction with the keynote address she gave at general commencement about a month ago? Well, here are the results:

The good news is that Shlain forewent cheesy inspirational background music. It was an effective choice. The bad news is read more »

Our commencement speakers! Or do we? Based on Berkeley’s track record of late, we’re not so sure. Granted, we’re not graduating this year and we didn’t attend commencement last year, but compared with the likes of one President Barack Obama, the founder of the Webby Awards is a little–how do we put this–meh. (Please. We were all thinking it.)

We mean, we’re sure alumna Tiffany Shlain is a very nice lady, and we have nothing but respect for people who are firmly aboard the interweb train, but read more »