UCB recently settled a lawsuit with our hillside football fans.

The fans filed a suit with the university when they realized that the proposed plan of the new stadium threatened their nosebleed section seating.

The settlement requires that the university “consult(s) with the plaintiffs before altering the eastern side”. It does not guarantee that dwellers of Tightwad Hill get to keep their free seats. In other words: there might be a mumbled conversation on the matter over a cup of coffee and donuts, but try not to hold your breath. read more »

Thank God this is finally on YouTube (though it’s grainy and crappy). If you missed the Bears-Vols telecast, well, the winking acknowledgment of T-Wad Hill pot smoking was simply hilarious.The Clog’s a bit sick of Berkeleyotyping, but it’s amusing occasionally. And sometimes we deserve it. What’s that old saying? Lie down with hippies, wake up with them squatting in trees? Whatever.We like how the studio announcers were “chill” about the drug use (in an eye-rolling kind of way). Even the traditionally culturally heartlandish mouthpieces of college football condone “California Berkeley style” partying.Tightwad Hill on ABC [YouTube]