We here at the Clog would like to wish everyone out there a happy Labor Day. Whether you’re a student, professor, construction worker, cop, or cowboy, we want you to know that we appreciate your labor.

We are Cal students, after all. What would we be if we weren’t firmly on the side of the workers (especially in these troubling economic times)? Marx would roll over in his grave. And it’s only fair to appreciate all kinds of labor, from academic (yes, that binder will weigh twice your poundage at the end of the semester) to manual.

Without further ado, then, we propose this: read more »

Flush.All right, here’s the straight poop: The UC Berkeley campus has got a crappy problem on its hands–or, rather, in its restrooms. Thieves have been sneaking into campus buildings and stealing the flushometers from the toilets, rendering them unusable and costing the university around $8,000 so far, a sum that, for this campus, is nothing to poo-poo.

What’s worse is they’re not dealing with just any ol’ common crooks, here. These Johns are apparently toilet-crippling criminal masterminds. “But, why?” you ask, “Why would anyone sh*t all over others’ rights to sanitation, especially when the university is piss-poor?” The answer, friends, is greed. Turns out, one can make a pretty penny selling crapper parts as scrap metal and … used crapper parts. Gross.

In any case, UCPD is pissed off. Contact them if you see anything suspicious or if you know anything about this rash of crimes. (We’d try to crack more jokes, but we’re a bit drained. Please forgive the Clog.)

Image Source: Connie Chen, Daily Cal
Money Going Down the Drain with Recent Thefts [Daily Cal]
UCPD Hopes to Flush Out Bathroom Burglar [Daily Cal]

More than a year ago Mayor Tom Bates decided that we could no longer smoke, panhandle or unroll our sleeping bags on the streets of Berkeley, but things (as you can tell) have yet to really change. Disgruntled shop owners have been grumbling about the “crowded and dirty sidewalks and inappropriate or threatening street behavior” (apparently this is a kinder way of saying sidewalk squatting, aggressive panhandling, smoking, and doing one’s … business). read more »

600px-sad_face.gifApparently, the protester currently known as “Fresh” knows when to follow his feline instincts and scurry up into the nearest tree. It also seems that he knows when to reason like a five-year-old.

“I was planning on leaving, but the officer chased me,” he told The Daily Californian, “so I climbed up the tree.” No, we’re not talking about that big tree in front of Wheeler Hall, the one already shouldering the burden of a massive sign. We’re talking about another nearby tree. read more »