According to BCC, this is what Safeway could turn into — a monster

Well, last night’s Berkeley City Council meeting was a lot less exciting than the previous week’s debacle. Big deal things happened, but the crowd was sparse and the Clog even ended up leaving early due to utter boredom. We guess it can’t be a full-blown Broadway musical every time. Here’s a quick recap: read more »


After a long wait for the sit-lie issue to begin at last night’s City Council meeting, the public comments section ended with a dramatic adjournment when the crowd broke out into song and dance. As opposed to the first meeting over sit-lie, where the atmosphere in the room was charged with anger and hysteria, last night was simply … bizarre. Here’s a full recap: read more »


Alas, the armored vehicle that was to come to Berkeley is no longer being pursued by Berkeley, Albany and UCPD. Say bye bye to your new toy, officers. The people have spoken and the administrators have reacted. read more »


Due to the callings of lemon infused chicken, the Clog was unable to stay for the entirety of last night’s City Council meeting, which involved placing a pool measure on the fall ballot. What we were able to catch however, were debates over street names and baseball analogies: read more »

heath ledger joker

The Berkeley City Council meetings (here on out known as BCCM) are free entertainment — the Clog simply can’t get enough. We’ll be providing y’all with a recaps every time we hit one up. Here’s this week’s, involving armored tanks and nuclear energy: read more »


At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting the Clog for the first time set eyes on the Berkeley Council members. We are here to provide a guide, based on an intense, six-hour behavioral analysis from Tuesday evening’s circus, to your Council members and their positions on the sit-lie measure.

Even though we’ve referred to the BCC as the Jedi High Council, the BCC is neither high nor Jedi, although the former remains questionable. The only similarities they bear are that both are councils with buzzing light-sabers. And by buzzing light-sabers we’re referring to the iPhone app. The council members do, however, resemble others. Here’s our take in a three part series: read more »


The Clog isn’t one to attend City Council meetings, but we’re so upset over the sit-lie measure that the Force itself couldn’t have stopped us from going last night (trust us, the Star Wars references are definitely relevant). What we were met with was absolute chaos and entertainment you simply can’t buy. The evening began civilly enough, but eventually devolved into a shouting match that left us fearing for our lives. The crowd was just about ready to storm the Bastille as the Jedi High Council Berkeley City Council fought amongst themselves and then, with Samuel L. Jackson impersonations manifesting themselves, exhaustion settled over the room and the measure was placed on the ballot. Cue cries of “Shame on you!”

Here’s the Clog’s recap of last night’s events: read more »


Berkeley is already pretty lax when it comes to pot laws, but consider this the green light: two new laws (presumably on the ballot in November) will “greatly expand Berkeley’s medical marijuana industry.”

Under these laws, Berkeley could have as many as 11 “large-scale growing facilities” and “a fourth retail outlet in the city’s commercial districts.” This would be awfully convenient for mourning American Apparel-ites–instead of spandex onesies, read more »

Gavin Newsom’s 10-year initiative to eradicate San Francisco homelessness is reportedly working. While over 800 people wrapped around Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to receive food, health, and legal aid at Wednesday’s Project Homeless Connect fair, Newsom announced to a throng of volunteers that 1,679 of the proposed 3,000 permanent housing units are up and running.

Cool. Impressive on paper. But as our daily traipse up Telegraph can attest, physical homelessness is only a fraction of the chronic Bay Area vagrancy. The flamboyant panhandling may have at first appeared a brass-knuckled reminder of what you are actively avoiding by submitting yourself to a large, faceless institution. After a while, however, you begin to wonder about the average income of Berkeley gutter punks. Probably higher than you’d think.

Our point is, Newsom, kudos to you. Now how ’bout you come across the bay and wave your statistics at a certain Mr. Bates?

Image Source: jimfischer under Creative Commons
Newsom: SF more than halfway to homeless goal [SF Examiner]

With an astute finger on the pulse of his citizenry, Mayor Tom Bates has chosen to extend his birthday cheer to Berkeley’s upstanding legion of hungry potheads. Last night’s top secret City Council sesh resulted in the approval of a medical marijuana dispensary’s brand new locale.

The local clinic will now be housed in the abandoned chocolate factory sitting next to Berkeley Bowl West. While reps from da Bowl have voiced concern that the clinic’s “patients” will commandeer foodie parking spots, we have a sinking suspicion they’ll be singing a different tune when pastry sales suddenly begin to skyrocket.

Image Source: Torben Bjørn Hansen under Creative Commons
Berkeley OKs medical pot clinic to move into former candy company [Inside Bay Area]

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