Cal’s 50-31 victory over Southern Utah this weekend didn’t just signify our first win, it also delivered us discounts all over the city of Berkeley, thanks to Touchdown Mondays! The celebration calls for 3% off for every touchdown Cal scores against their opponent — totaling 21% for this Monday.

But, while you might be familiar with Touchdown Mondays affiliation with the Cal Student Store, you may not know about the plethora of restaurants around the city that also take part in the awesome discounting. So because your wallets are surely already thinning from beer and Top Dog on game day, here’s a list all participants for your future Monday penny pinching — assuming that Cal keeps the touchdowns coming.

Southside: 6974720323_42fa33b22d_b


*Manhattan Roast & Grill


*Ann’s Kitchen

*Cal Student Store


*Bear’s Lair Pub/Wing Fiesta


*LaVal’s Pizza

*Stuffed Inn

Image source: Sean Davis and wallyg under Creative Commons


This or ...

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Nommage.Good news, southern Orange County-bred students: If you ever get sad that you’re stuck in “the OC,” away from even the simplest of NorCal comforts (like, you know, people who aren’t Republicans or baby Real Housewives–or both) you can now eat your sorrows away at Berkeley Dog.

Berkeley Dog, which just opened in the same shopping center as Saddleback Lanes in Mission Viejo (yeah, we might be from around there), is the newest and, so far, only non-Bay Area outpost of Top Dog. All we can say is that if the new one keeps similar hours to the Southside location it’ll have the stoned bros in lifted trucks flocking from miles around to get a 2 a.m. taste. Yum!

Image Source: astrobuddha under Creative Commons
Popular Northern California hot dogs now in O.C. [Fast Food Maven], via Berkeleyside


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