buffet food 2You know that empty spot across from the Asian Ghetto that seems to be a black hole for new businesses? Vacant for as long as we can remember, it’s currently home to a place called Touch Karaoke, an oversized, usually empty sushi restaurant and, most recently, Buffet Town.

Filling the buffet niche that the other three dining commons and the numerous Indian ones left, Buffet Town has a lot of what the other buffets lack: grease. It’s big enough to be another university-run dining facility but manages to actually be even less aesthetically pleasing (Crossroads was starting to look homely).  read more »

Two karaoke places are opening up right on top of each other. Has karaoke become the new Starbucks? In Berkeley, that’s a yes.

We bet the respective owners of Touch Karaoke and Sushi Minami must’ve flipped a bitch when they found out their luck, but at least the manager for Sushi Minami, Keith Kanehara, feels his karaoke-plus-food idea had a slight edge. And he makes a good point too:

“As soon as we sell alcohol, we’ll open the place … People won’t sing without beer.”

We’d have to agree. After all, the direct translation of karaoke is “drunken singing.” Right?

Image Source: Chanel Leaf, Daily Cal
Two Karaoke Venues Set to Open on Durant Avenue [Daily Cal]
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