If you feel yourself riled up about UC retirement benefits (but not riled up enough to go anywhere in person), we have the virtual solution for you.

Tomorrow, Friday Sept. 24 from 10-11:30 a.m. there will be a “live, interactive webcast” moderated by the staff advisor-designate to the Regents. (Sure, that sounds like a job fit only for the imaginary blue blood Tiffany Van der Coates, but believe us, it’s legit.) Feel free to drop by on your tour through the Interwebs and get some answers.

Fair warning: you have to sign up for a UStream account first, but according to the website it’s pretty easy. And 10 to 11 may not be the most convenient time to voice your concerns about the future of the UC system, but read more »


We’re so tired of talking about the budget crisis that we won’t even bother to remind you about it. It sucks, California’s circling the drain, yada yada yada.

So what’s the solution? There’s no button to push every 108 minutes, that’s for sure. Some scholars are going for something a little bit simpler: rewriting the state constitution. This Tuesday, Nov. 17th, at Booth Auditorium in Boalt Hall, there will be read more »

I can haz question, Chanselur?On the one hand, Tuesday’s scheduled discussion between university staff and administrative higher-ups on the “ongoing campus budget situation”–that’s what the kids are calling it these days–could be truly productive in generating fresh solutions to the day’s problems and encouraging future transparency throughout the various levels of UC financial policy-making.

On the other hand, of course, this “town hall meeting” could be just an opportunity for the administration to make vague generalizations about how everyone will have to sacrifice in this difficult time, and for things to devolve into a rather tense game of responsibility hot potato. Best case scenario, mild to moderate indignant yelling will ensue.  Worst case scenario, it’s really really boring. read more »