Yea, we can’t either.

A study by UC Berkeley professor Robert Levenson and his grad student James Gross has scientifically determined the saddest movie (or movie scene) of all time. To our astonishment — even though millions recently walked out of theatres bawling their eyes out — it wasn’t “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two” (we’ll let it slide only because this study was completed in 1995).

After evaluating hundreds of films and film clips, Levenson and Gross chose 16 scenes that would cause a certain emotion and found that the final scene in the 1978 film “The Champ” consistently made their test subjects sad. read more »


Those wishing to remain cultured on a student’s budget can do well to take advantage of SUPERB‘s movie and concert offerings. They also offer giveaways for concert tickets and the like, and if you hustle down to Wheeler Auditorium tonight, you could catch a showing of “Toy Story 3″ for just $3 with Cal ID.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the semester: read more »

If there’s one thing we know for certain about Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, it’s this: the man can keep a secret. Well, that and he must own at least 365 hawaiian shirts. But seriously, Toy Story 3 has been churning through the Pixar catacombs in Emeryville for a decade. It’s about time Andy went to college.

The script, written by the guy who brought you 2006 Oscar darling “Little Miss Sunshine,” is rumored to be seeded with very morose, adult undertones. Andy hires an escort to talk about Woody separation anxiety? Buzz gets busted for embezzling Lincoln Logs? Jesse finally pays off those pesky student loans and is forced to live on edamame and peanut butter?

Landmark California is hosting a free screening read more »