Well, it’s the end of June (already!? – *shudder*) and that earth-shatteringly important decision we’ve all been waiting for has come through the wires, as promised. BAM/PFA’s selection committee has awarded Diller Scofidio + Renfro the coveted project of building the new, much blabbered about museum. Read on for more info on the NY firm, pics. read more »


In the last year, three proper names have recurrently thrust Berkeley into national news: Yoo, Yudof and BAM. One of these we’re not totally sick of hearing about. Without further adieu, the three final contenders vying to design the new Berkeley Art Museum: (after the jump). And, we show you some of their past work so you can start … rooting. read more »


So the BAM has been having a rough time lately. First they wanted to build a new space and they hired architect Toyo Ito to help them. Then, whoops, they discovered it was “prohibitively expensive” and they ended their relationship with Ito, deciding instead to relocate to Center and Oxford in downtown Berkeley. And now they’re looking for architects again.

Don’t get too excited, though, freelance architects (oh yeah, we know you’re out there)–they’ve already solicited 10 firms and they are naming their designer in June. They’re being adorably coy about the solicited firms, but they will confirm that read more »


We cannot think of anything more lame than still being located on Bancroft Way. Honestly, you might as well just kill yourself (cough, Alphonse Berber ….). If you didn’t already know about the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive’s impending move to where it’s at (Center and Oxford streets): duh. And, what with everyone being poor now and all, they’re working on a new building design to save some money. Get on with it! read more »

A surprising number of people don’t realize that the Brutalist concrete chunk on Bancroft Way next to Caffe Strada is Berkeley’s own art museum. It doesn’t exactly scream “soothing gallery space,” at least from the outside, which is why we were way excited when we heard that we were getting a new one–designed by “modern-day Japanese luminary” Toyo Ito, no less. read more »

Earlier this week, the Chron featured the plans for the newest museum to hit Berkeley streets. The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive will move to Center and Oxford streets with Japanese architect Toyo Ito’s innovative design.

Take a look for yourselves: The curved wall design and open spaces beats the old BAM fan building by far. The new building will be three stories, with each room leading into the next and walls just 5 inches thick. Only three of which will be concrete.

Ito plans to merge town and gown with the new building, as it sits right between downtown and the edge of campus. The whole building seems very fluid and open. Frankly, anything is better than Evans Hall, but we’re seriously looking forward to seeing the museum completed.

Too bad, then, that construction will begin in 2010 and the opening will be in 2013. Even next fall’s freshies will be graduated by then.

Image Source: Marshall Astor under Creative Commons
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