Venice Beach

For all of you who have been up in the Bay, visiting graduations or graduating yourself, here’s a brief recap of what’s been happening down south. In two words: not much.

Some Cloggers stuck here in Southern California sorely miss Berkstown, and we hope to be reunited with Cal and all its solar eclipse-infused glory soon. read more »


The fairly recent end to the California program that allowed hybrid car owners to drive solo in carpool lanes turned out to be a doozie. Other drivers complained that hybrid cars were clogging up the carpool lanes. Turns out, they were wrong.

According to researchers at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportations Studies, the hybrid carpool ban resulted in more congested traffic for all drivers. A new program is in the works to allow qualifying drivers back onto the carpool lanes.

Our very own astronomy professor here at Cal, Alex Filippenko, owns a Prius himself, and he commented, read more »


Because of “Carmageddon,” this weekend may actually be the healthiest time to take a trip to Los Angeles. According to UC Berkeley researchers, the closure of the 405 freeway may reduce the equivalent of approximately 4.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide. That would make for a perfectly clear weekend to hike the Santa Monica Mountains.

Realistically speaking, though, the carbon emissions would only be reduced that much if the estimated 500,000 cars that travel the 405 on a mid-July weekend would drive 9.9 miles less (equivalent to the area of the 405 that will be closed) or just quit driving all together.

While many are treating this closure like it’s an apocalyptic alien invasion and will probably stock up on supplies and barricade themselves in their homes all weekend, read more »