The best part about the fall semester? Getting the chance to terrorize freshmen of course. Oh, and football season. Mainly football season. Even though we don’t have a bonfire this year, we can all go see Bob Dylan and then heartily show our blue and gold against the trees. But it doesn’t take the Big Game to get us excited — any sort of football, period, gets us juiced. Even the following video about training camp. We hope y’all are getting just as pumped as us.

It’s August, and that means college football training camps open up across the country. The Bears opened today and we had a few questions for this season’s Cal team.

Sure the Merc’s questions are important. They had three questions in particular:

* Who is going to replace Daymeion “I Can Intercept A Nuclear Missile” Hughes?

* Can Justin Forsett be as effective as Marshawn Lynch?

* And can the defensive line produce without guys like Brandon Mebane?

These are all great questions and all of them have to do with replacing key starters from last year. But isn’t that the case almost every year? So we pose three questions of our own and maybe you guys can answer them.

* Who will take up the title as hyphiest Cal football player?

There’s no doubt that that title went to Lynch last year. Remember this?

Yeah. Lynch ghost-riding a golf cart.

We’re going to suggest Lynch’s cousin, Robert Jordan. Just look at those teeth.

* Will Thomas DeCoud lay anyone else out with a bone-crunching hit?

Does anyone remember that hit DeCoud laid on UCLA’s Korey Bosworth last year? Yeah. Yeah. More of that this year, maybe?

If you don’t remember, here it is:

* And the question of the highest importance, which uniform will the Bears wear against Tennessee on Sept. 1?

We’re going to say that Cal has to go with the gold uniforms. Why you ask? One, they’re pretty classy. Two, the Bears are undefeated wearing the gold tops—Cal defeated Oregon, UCLA and Texas A&M last year wearing the gold unis.

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