“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind”?

At least, the Clog thinks that’s how most new students probably felt their first several weeks at Cal. Lost, alone, tossed around, weak against the forces of nature and this thing called LIFE … Then again, that’s our tendency to make things spectacularly overly dramatic — just because we can.

Well, good — no, great — news. New Student Services, a unit of the Office of Student Development and part of Residential and Student Service Programs on campus, has come up with a method to aid fresh-faced undergraduates in beginning their time here in a positive way: the My Years at Cal website.

It’s totally cool. It’s informative and chock-full of good stuff that any Cal student can really make use of, a resource that New Student Services has been working on, along with others, since 2007, with the goal of helping new students adjust to Cal well. It’s worth checking out!

Home Page

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Yesterday, Apr. 30, after an absurdly long wait, UC Berkeley transfer applicants everywhere finally received the big news. Over a month after those obsessive-compulsive, overachieving upstarts known as future freshmen got their decisions, transfer applicants finally got their just desserts in the form of tasty hunks of Berkeley acceptance. Well–either that or they had an extra month to get their hopes up, only to end up tasting the bitter fruits of rejection, some for the second time around.

So, what we’re trying to say is now might be a good time to call your BFF back home to see what’s what. And you might want to have your sympathy voice ready, because according to a transfer admissions FAQ, usually about 2 in 3 transfer applicants get the shaft. Ouch. Though, to be fair, those odds are better than the very general estimate for freshman applicants–3 in 4 applicants receive a “nix.”

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