Walking past the condom-and-rotten-food dumpsters by Greek row, it’s hard to imagine that anyone in the world would ever want more garbage. But would you believe that one country is spending money importing trash?! It’s true. According to this National Public Radio article, Sweden is investing in garbage imports to provide its people with renewable energy. Even in this dreary global economy. Why? Because it’s Sweden, that’s why.

A Swede looks at this picture and feels aroused

A Swede looks at this picture and feels aroused

Swedes have got it good. Their government has a can-do attitude that just gets shit done. Yeah, they’re pacifists, and they stayed neutral during World War II, but don’t hold that against them. At least they didn’t, pay attention here France, surrender. Sweden has one of the strongest economies right now, thanks to their fiscal discipline and their successful welfare programs. Sweden is living proof that a capitalist society can have lots of rich people without having everyone else be poor. They have a lower unemployment rate than the United States, and spend more money on education than Uncle Sam. They’re so progressive they’re retro. According to this Guardian article, when they figured out a form of snuff, yes the pippip cheerio guv’nor snuff, snuff, called ‘Snu’ had fewer health effects than tobacco, they became the only country in the European Union to legalize the substance. Now, they’re enjoying the world’s lowest rates of lung cancer in males.

Sweden is a beautiful country

Sweden is a beautiful country

Sweden’s policy-making process is less a matter of politics and more related to figuring out what works.  They throw tradition out the window and really stop to think and analyze. The more we look at Sweden, the more we realize what we have to learn from them. There’s nothing to keep us Americans from being as successful, but on an even larger scale. We’re a lot bigger and a lot richer. Let’s stop doing things the old fashioned way, and figure out how best to meet the future.

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Going green is a good thing, right? Less trash, more recycling? Fewer landfills, more trees? Surely this is a thought that everyone in Berkeley can get behind. It would be cheaper and better for everyone.

Think again. B-Town is now facing a $10 million deficit partly because its citizens are not throwing away enough trash. Even recycling and composting have come back to bite us in the ass.

The city only charges for trash collecting and hauls away your recycling and compost for free, largely to encourage greener waste disposal habits. And it’s working. Only problem is, it’s working a little too well, because $4 million of the above deficit came from the lack of trash-collecting moolah.

So do you hear that, all you Prius-driving, composting hippies? Start throwing away more trash! Put paper in the garbage can! Never recycle plastic bags! We need to keep this city in the black!

God, where is Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout when you need her?

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Greener living means less green in Berkeley budget [AP] via Mercury News



Due to budget imbalances and the general suckiness thereof, Berkeley’s powers-that-be propose the increase of garbage collection fees. Apparently, the drop in Asian demand for recycled paper contributes to the increasing value of dump collection. Say what?

Meanwhile, we have more trash and less money. Now, more fees? No, thanks. Our proposals:

*Dump our trash on the Stanfurd farm; let them deal with the mess.
*Save scraps of receipts and toilet paper to be used for taking notes in class.
*Find a Delorean to eat our crap.

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Berkeley Garbage Collection Fees May Rise to Balance Costs [Daily Cal]

Berkeley caterer Ari Derfel has saved every piece of trash he has generated in the past twelve months.

All 96 cubic feet of it. And it all sits in his kitchen and living room.

Derfel started this project as a observation of his own consumption habits, but it turned into a statement against consumerism. He will eventually donate the trash to a sculptor to further enhance his statement.

“When we throw something away, what does ‘away’ mean?” Derfel said. “There’s no such thing as ‘away.’”

For Derfel, “away” means his living room.

We applaud Derfel for his clever method in combating consumerism, but we applaud him even more for putting up with what must be an awful stench.
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We’ve discovered why the streets of Berkeley look so messy, especially during this finals season. And no, it’s not because of that bum on the corner over there.

It’s because students leave their shit around the city like it’s their own messy dorm room.

CBS 5 is reporting that it’s become so much of a problem that the university has set up a hotline for people to call if they see a mess on their street corner.

UC Berkeley is encouraging anyone who sees trash to dial (510) 643-5309, and the university will send someone to pick up the garbage.

The campus will also be setting up debris bins around the city where there is a large population of students so that they can throw all their old readers and textbooks away, instead of leaving them in the bushes.

Hey, instead of throwing those old readers away, why not give them to that bum on your local street corner? He needs to get an education too.