Love Yo La Tengo but can’t stomach the thought of being stranded on Treasure Island this weekend with a bunch of hipsters apathetic young people who dress like near-sighted lumberjacks?

A certain Mission District record store may have come to your rescue. Hours before the band is scheduled to perform in front of 65-dollar ticket holders at the Treasure Island Music Festival, read more »

shorts11-235x300Calling all Bay Area hipsters music lovers: the time for Treasure Island Music Festival has almost arrived. Make sure to check out the “Ferris Wheel Confessions” booth, the live mural wall or the Madu Salon booth for a complimentary hair cut. [Site]

Still figuring out your Halloween plans? Instead of partying at the co-ops or trying to weasel some shame-tainted candy out of your neighbors by reliving your youth, change it up with a Halloween-themed concert. [The SFist]

With the university endowment down 30 percent, cookies are no longer being served at Harvard faculty meetings and students are now being denied a hot breakfast. Well, they may have raised our tuition, but at least they haven’t taken away our breakfast. [The New York Times]

A recent health inspection at Smart Alec’s found a few rat droppings near the cash registers, but don’t worry, they still have an ‘A.’ No biggie. [Daily Cal]

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fall concert calendar

If you’re like us, you’ve already spent a full afternoon meticulously pouring through East Bay and SF concert calendars to scope out Your Hearing Loss Fall 2009 (and then proceeded to blog about it, so here we are!). For the rest of you, allow the Clog to streamline the process. We humbly suggest these highlights from our favorite venues: read more »