Kitteh can haz tree sit, 2?

Berkeley has been bested again! And by “bested,” we actually mean “been given a ‘Best of College Newspapers Award‘ by the Paper Trail.” Aha! Gotcha! You totally thought we were gonna say Berkeley lost, didn’t you?

Yes, in all fairness, we (that’s Berkeley as a collective whole, just to be clear) nabbed  “Nonstory of the Year,” and not “Best Alternative Media Outlet,” as we’d hoped, but a) we all know the BAMO race was fraught with corruption, anyhow,  and b) the tree-sit had no viable nonstory competition.  Also, this is the oak grove showdown’s  second “Nonstory of the Year” win in a row.  Hey-o.

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The Best of College Newspapers Award Winners [Paper Trail]
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Say it isn’t so! Nine people involved in the oak grove tree-sit were sentenced by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Marshall Whitley. Three of the tree-sitter crew received jail time: Kingman Lim, Zachary RunningWolf and Michael Schuck. That’s five days plus a portion of the university’s attorney fees.

The remaining six will serve 50 hours of community service each. Say what? What about those hundreds of days saving the trees, you ask. That wasn’t just community service–that was Earth service.

Well, not when it’s in violation of court orders. Oh, so that’s what those citations were for …

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Sentences handed down in UC Berkeley protest [SF Chron]
Nine people sentenced for involvement in UC Berkeley tree-sit [Oakland Trib]
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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Louis Peitzman endured 1.5 hours of “SNL,” and all he got was five minutes of Tine Fey-induced laughs [Arts: It's What's for Blog]

* Sarah Palin … well, at least she was a beauty queen [Nuts & Boalts]

* Tree-sitter descent. Almost like sex. With lots of foreplay. Lots. [Cal Patriot Blog]

* This is what you’d sound like if you smoked pot you found from 1964. [Daily Planet]

Our beloved Safeway store (a.k.a. the only name-brand supermarket within a 5-mile radius of campus) on the corner of College and Claremont avenues in the heart of the Rockridge and Elmwood shopping districts has plans for a facelift. No one is pleased.

The 1960′s-esque store plans to double its size and become a 2-story “lifestyle store” with a bakery, pharmacy, full-service meat counter, extensive organic produce section and a flower shop which neighbors worry will destroy the essence of the neighborhood and displace local specialty shops. Sound familiar?

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The tree-sitters are down, and now we represent such news in the only way we can: through song and dance.

Four Remaining Tree-Sitters Leave UC Berkeley Oak Grove [Daily Cal]
The Wicked Witch Is Dead [You Tube]

Talk is cheap. "Altercation between Berkeley tree-sitters and tree trimmers on August 21, 2008"

It has been an emotional weekend for many at the foot of Oak Grove. Arborists have removed 35 of 42 trees as of Saturday, and are expected to cut down all but one redwood by today’s end.

Our redwood denizens no longer will receive adequate water and nutrition which the university has provided for 21 months. As of Friday, four tree-sitters remained with only one liter of water “to share”. We wonder if the heat will cause the tree-sitters to worry about their redwood’s thirst. UCB claims to have no plans of forcibly removing the tree-dwellers. We think the university is waiting for them to ripen and fall.

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mailbox, mailbag, what's the difference?

It’s about time we respond to your comments. This week we received a little outside research from our readers, so we decided to share some recommended reading for you all. You don’t even have any real homework just yet, so you might as well take a look.

First, we got some anti-tree sentiment from aaronrodgersforpresident on Science Suffers Several Severe Setbacks:

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OK, so we’re tired of tree-people news too, but this was too good to pass up: Apparently, arborists from the university are cutting down branches in an effort to make things “difficult, but not dangerous” for the tree-people.

We have to say, this is somewhat welcoming news. But enough of that, let’s analyze the supporters’ and tree-people’s reactions: read more »

No, we don’t refer to the the tiny strip of grass on the northern stretch of Shattuck Avenue, where many foodies flock to show off their slices of Cheeseboard.

Rather, we speak of the median next to the Memorial Stadium oak grove, which boasts loitering hippies, tents and cardboard shacks instead of the comparably well-groomed Cheeseboard fanatics. With school set to start in a few weeks, the university really wants these squatters out–and they’re looking to the city for a little bit of help.

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The university waits until the clock ticks down to Aug. 13 in the next battle between bear and tree. And now they’re asking for a $28 million bond if an appeal goes through court.

Back after Judge Barbara J. Miller ruled in the last court case, the tree-sit supporters had the option to appeal. While the city of Berkeley backed out from appealing, the California Oak Foundation and the Panoramic Hill Association went ahead and filed their appeal. The panel of appellate judges is expected to rule by Aug. 13. read more »

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