As of now, UC Berkeley spent an estimated $300,000 on tree-sitting. But don’t clutch at your pockets just yet–the cost comes out of a $13 million contingency fund, not tuition! Then again, there is that question of how the university will replenish said contingency fund. Hmm. [Inside Bay Area]

In more news pertaining to the utter waste of money: Some Republican dude still wants to take away Berkeley’s transportation funding (a.k.a. the money to fix our terrible roads) until City Council takes away Code Pink’s parking spot once and for all. [Contra Costa Times]

UC Berkeley School of Law Dean responds to all the recent cries for him to fire John Yoo, who is infamous for penning documents that say torture is OK. “‘Yes, it does matter that Yoo was an adviser, but President Bush and his national security appointees were the deciders,’ Edley wrote.” [Associated Press]

Do spoiled Berkeley students–or most Americans, even–ever step out of their fairly comfortable bubbles to pay attention to world affairs? Only when one of us gets caught up in that mess. So, heads up: Egyptian police recently detained James Buck, a UC Berkeley J-school student, as he was working on his thesis. This happened following huge riots over the rising cost of bread due to the new focus on crops as bio-fuels instead of food. Oh, and we also found Buck’s resume, which has a sampling of his photojournalistic work. []

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