The future of the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees Zone is grim, pending the results of tomorrow morning’s court hearing. Tomorrow the university seeks court-ordered removal of the tree-sitters.Last week, UC failed to reach a settlement with the city of Berkeley, so now it appears the university will resort to more draconian measures: kicking people off their property.Frankly, the shallow-rooted trees are coming down in The Big One anyway. Whether we build something half a mile from or something directly on the Hayward Fault probably won’t make too much of a difference.But in the grand principle of things, we suppose the protesters have every Free Speech Rah-Rah right to join the ranks of Those Who Hate the University for basically telling the protesters “Hey, you’re shitting all over our lawn.”Though, to be fair, they basically are.Our pick among Zachary RunningWolf’s many words were these, as summarized by the Daily Cal:bq. RunningWolf thinks the university’s goal is to quickly remove the tree-sitters.How accurate, since it’s only been oh, ten months since they set up camp, cut the tops off some trees, refused compromise and got arrested.We wondered when the university would shut this thing down, but then we remembered that it’s the University of California, where everything takes ten years (or months) longer than it has to.Image Source: Ted Kwong, Daily CalUniversity to Seek Court Order to Remove Tree-Sitters [Daily Cal]