We caught glimpse of a handful of new posters around the west side of Memorial Stadium today. We hadn’t noticed them before, though it’s likely they’ve been standing tall and proud for a while.These posters stand exactly in front of–what else?–the oak grove. Each shows a different sport, but the bottom line’s the same.”Building passion,” this poster says. “The student-athlete high performance center” is, evidently, “coming soon to Cal.” We assume this means the center will feature a hippies-in-oak-trees atrium. To the right, the PR machine strings together UC Berkeley into “Buildings Champions.” For more information, the poster directs its public to stadiumcampaign.berkeley.edu.Yes, Treewoks, a successful football team may not stop global warming, but neither does sitting around in trees all day. We’re just saying. Plus, the site’s got a (ginormous) tree-friendly PDF that apparently separates fact from fiction. What’s your array of colored chalk going to do about that?Image Source: Christine BordenHome Page [Campaign for Student-Athletes]

The city of Berkeley is just picky, picky, picky about their lawsuit against the University of California, probably because the university’s compromise still calls for construction at the contentious Memorial Stadium hippie lair oak grove.It doesn’t surprise us, really, to see the city vote against something the university proposes because it has rejected UC before.But we guess The Clog held a glimmer of hope after Beetle reported Gordon Wozniak’s support of the ASUC during the election hoopla back in July 2006, noting “his analysis completely fails to understand the Alternative Vote system the ASUC uses.”Maybe Wozniak’s annoying constituency or his pained ignorance of campus issues drove him back to his nay-saying ways.But Facebook groups have been popping up in support of the stadium and our athletic Bears, and we all know how important that makes the issue. Utterly.Nevertheless, we’re sighing at the City Council’s groundhog-seeing-its-shadow-like response to the university’s willingness to halve the scale of construction on their own property. It means an extended performance art exhibit, and more to the point, more articles to bore ourselves writing. Isn’t this getting a bit old?Image Source: George Derk, Daily CalCouncil Rejects Athletic Center Settlement [Daily Cal]Council Rejects Proposal to Amend City Charter For Student District [Daily Cal]

CLARIFICATION: It has been brought to our attention that Gordon Wozniak was, in fact, the sole City Council vote in favor of settling the City’s lawsuit against the University of California. While the author intended statements to suggest Wozniak’s “nay-saying” was in other cases, she does not wish to suggest his position was against the university in the case of City of Berkeley v University of California. 

Everyone’s favorite Treewok Village has a new addition: a chain-link fence the university ordered erected during the wee hours of this Wednesday morning.We were still asleep, and we’re sure the Save the Oaks people were, too, until construction crews started pounding in the fence posts. And we’d be pretty cranky, too, if someone woke us up that early and we hadn’t showered in nine months.As if the rubberneckers didn’t do enough to showcase the zoo animal performance art piece, the fence better defines what can only be described by us snarky individuals as the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees Zone. The zone is also free of supplies like, say, food, but as the Daily Cal reports, Zachary Running Wolf proposes a hunger strike, which seems like a pretty convenient solution to the supply-free problem.But the ever-so-timely construction (typical; it only took them a year) could prove to be more ominous, given that fences historically just delay the inevitable “peaceful” confrontation.Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily CalBREAKING: POLICE ERECT FENCE AROUND UC BERKELEY TREE-SIT PROTEST [Daily Cal]

Well it looks like the city of Berkeley and those guys sitting in the trees are winning, kind of.

The Chron reports that Cal is going to alter some of its development plans for Memorial Stadium in an attempt to try to avoid going to court with the city of Berkeley, the California Oak Foundation and the Panoramic Hill
Neighborhood Association. The court date has been set for Sept. 19.

Among the areas to be adjusted in this new proposal include the number of parking spots in a new garage scheduled for construction next to the stadium and the addition of full-grown oak trees to replace the ones that the university plans to take down.

bq. Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour said the university would reduce the size of the proposed parking garage so that there would be no more spaces than are currently in the area. UC also would plant one fully grown tree and two younger trees for each one that would be chopped down to make way for a new, $125 million athletic training facility.

To us, this looks like the university is trying to find a compromise, albeit a small one. Hopefully the city will want to compromise too. And then Cal can have its new stadium renovations and the Treewoks can finally come out of those trees.

But right now, it doesn’t look like it.

bq. Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates said 500 parking spaces is still too many, and the training center should be moved elsewhere. “I’d be OK with 50 spots next to the stadium for coaches and a few others,” he said. “The rest of them can get physical excerise like the rest of us.”

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