So, it’s no secret that vampires are a really hot trend right now. Truth be told, the sexy vampire concept first emerged in 1994, with the film adaptation of “Interview With a Vampire,” and then the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” franchise started in 1997. But the sexy vampire skyrocketed into fame in 2008, with the premiere of the Showtime series “True Blood,” and release of the first Twilight film. Then things really took off.

Suddenly, we’re having to pick between Team Edward and Team Jacob. We’re watching “The Vampire Diaries,” which proved that yes, vampires have issues too. We’re even watching adaptations of weird foreign films featuring vampire children (though “Let Me In” was pretty awesome). And let’s not forget that the sexy Kate Beckinsale has played a vampire in approximately half a dozen “Underworld” movies by now.

This has all been good fun. The fan girls get to scream at “Twilight” and stalk Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner obsessively, and the adults get to watch weekly HBO vampire sex (and a legitimate plot) on “True Blood.” With all the hype building up over this, the next logical step is the forthcoming blockbuster, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Wait, what? read more »

DSCN5462The overcast and rainy weather didn’t do much to dampen spirits at yesterday’s “>play Conference.” That’s probably because the event was held indoors at Haas School of Business. Or it could be because a majority of the conference attendees are the type who rarely see sunlight anyway, given the amount of time spent in a cubicle. Whatever the case, there was excitement in the air (and doubtlessly lots of wireless signals) at UC Berkeley’s annual >play Digital Media Conference, which featured presentations and panels on all manner of trending topics in the digital world. Facebook, Microsoft, Pixar, Wired and Twitter were there. And, being the cutting edge trend-setters that we are, so was the Clog. read more »