The Trojans trumped the Golden Bears for the fourth consecutive year in less than ideal conditions at Memorial Stadium last night. The game closed at 24-17.

Coach Jeff Tedford once again proved incapable of subbing in Kevin Riley for consistent-at-being-inconsistent quarterback Nate Longshore. Nate-Nate threw several befuddling passes, including an interception in the fourth quarter that all but sealed the game. Recurring trend anyone (think UCLA, ASU)? The Clog, for one, would like to see Nate-Nate start his Mormon mission sooner rather than later.

The non-stop rain drenched the playing field, as well as everyone who was in attendance. Players were slipping all over the turf in the first quarter as they attempted to adjust to the poor conditions. The student section stuck it out to the bitter end, but the Clog did notice an unusually large number of empty seats after halftime—shame on you, alumni.

The Clog even found disappointment on the sidelines with the USC Song Girls. Instead of their normally highly entertaining performances in short skirts, the Song Girls looked comical at best, prancing on the sidelines in ponchos. (That could actually pass as a picture of them.) No word yet if one of the Song Girls was caught cheering following Lavelle Hawkins’ redonkulous touchdown reception.

As far as our Uni Watch goes, we weren’t huge fans of the 1975 throwback uniforms worn in honor of Joe Roth. We did, however, like the helmets, which bore a striking resemblance to those of the Green Bay Packers.

The Clog is also happy to report that fourth quarter Cal Mic Man, Christian “Ian” Villanueva, was back after being the victim of a stabbing incident that put him on the disabled list for the Washington State game. Additionally, the Clog would like to applaud Mic Man Harris Cohn who bowed out gracefully following his last home football game. Harris, you were always our favorite.

Image Source: Jayson Dana, Daily Cal
Longshore’s Late Pick Drops Cal Once Again [Daily Cal]

A mere four weeks ago Saturday’s meeting between USC and Cal was one of the year’s most anticipated games. And now … with no GameDay crew setting up on Sproul and no BCS game in the mix, people are searching for reasons to show up.

So in comes the Clog ready to do its civic duty by bolstering everyone’s spirits before game day arrives. Here are our quick three reasons not to blackout while pre-gaming and actually get our butts over to Memorial Stadium.

1) Bowl Game Implications: Yes, we realize that the Rose Bowl isn’t at stake here, but do you really want to see us in the Las Vegas Bowl? OK, maybe you do so you have an excuse to take a visit down to the Strip, but fourth place in the Pac-10 is too low for our liking.

2) USC’s Ego: This weekend Berkeley will be home to all those smug USC students, including their entire Greek system. The Clog would hate for them to have the opportunity to fill their six-hour ride back to South Central with voicemails and text messages boasting their superiority and the fact that Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg and Nick Lachey show up to their games while we get the dude from Counting Crows.

3) Recruiting: This game is also important for the future of Cal football. With the new athletic center still several years away, coach Jeff Tedford has to show athletes hedging between Cal and USC that the Bears’ football program is among the elite in the nation. As of now, we’re running a distant third to USC and UCLA in the race of Pac-10 rivals to sign prized recruits.

In other news, our men’s basketball team won its preseason game against the Nanooks of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (don’t laugh at the nickname, they’re the reigning Division I champs in rifle shooting.) Devon Hardin was back to his beastly self and Jamal (correction: Jordan) Wilkes knocked down some big shots (both players suffered major injuries last season.)

Go Bears, and break the Trojans!

Image Source: Allison Porterfield, Daily Cal
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