Listen, we know what you’re thinking and we’re thinking it too: mythological creatures have been so underappreciated lately. They used to be the talk of the town, and now they’ve just sort of fallen to the wayside. But never fear! We’ve been brainstorming ways to get them back into the limelight (where they belong). So let’s all imagine for a second. What if the biggest (or lamest, in Stanfurd’s case) universities in California had mythological mascots?! We know, we’re really excited too.

Let’s start with a few obvious choices as a warm-up: UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara.

The UC Davis Garden Gnomes


Let’s be real. read more »

So maybe becoming an EECS or Math major no longer means choosing an awkward, sexless, and sunshine-deprived existence. In fact, it may just mean you’ll be the one to snag the hot girl at the party, that is, if you, uh, actually go to them.

According to a life-changing new study out of the department of Psychology at UC Davis, women go for more than just good looks (gasp). Apparently, something like survival-of-the-smartest kicks in when a woman meets a man, and she considers how his intelligence level might affect the kind of genes he may pass to their future progeny. read more »