If you’re like any self-respecting Berkeley student, you try your hardest to do well inHungry Bears class, keep up with a few activities, and spare a little bit of time for saving the world – if possible. Most of the time you may only get around to the first one, and though you may occasionally broach the second, you rarely get to the third. So if you weren’t feeling bad enough about how you’re not actively helping the community out, here’s a video that just might spur you to action.

The fantastic group of people over at our very own Social Media Club have put together a campaign to help out some of the people who need things a little bit more than the rest of us do. If you’re diving into your intact mountain of meal points every night, you can head over to any of the campus stores and grab some canned goods instead of that extremely large smoothie that’s probably bad for you. And the next time you go to Walgreens to grab a gallon of milk, throw an extra can of fruit or beans into your shopping cart – the tingly warm feeling that you get after you donate will definitely be worth the 99 cents.

If you’re still reading this and unconvinced, let the club give you a little extra incentive! Grab your phone and snap a picture of yourself in a cute pose with the pile of food you’re planning on donating, and tweet that with the hashtag #hungrybears. Not only do you get validated and feel popular when a bunch of people re-tweet you, but you could win a gift certificate for – you guessed it – even more food!

Image source: Fabian Medina under Creative Commons

Video source: MediaPopNow used with permission

Among the tabs for CNN, NBC, the deplorably slow Google election results, and the FOX News you had open just for kicks, you may not have had time for social networking on election night. Who are you kidding – you probably popped open Tumblr for the continuing influx of memes or Twitter for Donald Trump’s call for a march on Washington. But the most interesting soiial network every time there’s a major news event is Facebook, because it’s people that you – hopefully – personally know talking about things about which they know little to nothing about. If your friends are anything like ours, they provided for plenty of unintentional comedy with their cute status updates that spammed the newsfeed.

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I Voted

There are lots of people posting pictures of themselves voting today – including pictures of their marked ballots. Bad idea. read more »

We love those teachers that let us get away with any form of electronic devices in the classroom. After all, class is boundEtiquette Guide - Laptops In Class to get a little boring from time to time, and considering that humans have an average attention span a little less than that of a goldfish, a computer can be a good thing to have around. But when there are a few hundred other people sitting in the same lecture hall as you – there are some basics you should adhere to.

DON’T: Keep your volume on. Nobody wants to hear the start-up sound of your MacBook, as refreshing as it may be. Just take a second to hit the mute button right before you leave your dorm so that you don’t accidentally expose your embarrassing affinity for Justin Bieber as you prop open your laptop in that 8 a.m. Economics lecture.

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Last week Governor Jerry Brown announced that he signed two bills that make it illegal for universities and employers to demand your passwords to social media and email accounts. The announcement, which the Governor made through his Facebook page, brings privacy laws into the 21st century. No longer can your university, your employer, or a potential employer ask you for access to your personal accounts. Those embarrassing pictures set to private are a little safer. read more »

So you’re spending some quality in the bathroom, on the porcelain. You whip out your smart phone and respond to some texts, check your Facebook and maybe shoot off a couple tweets. It’s a good use of time, we at the Clog certainly don’t expect you to sit there and ponder life as people have done for thousands of years. This is the 21st century, put that smart phone to use.

However if you’re in a public bathroom there are a couple dos and don’ts.

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beer 2facebookSocial networks. Sigh. Oh, Facebook. Oh, Twitter. Oh, whatever other inventions that exist to connect the small world we currently live in. Oh, you all.

You were so much fun in the beginning. The good times, the bad times — together, we trekked through them all. Remember those hilarious photos of when Derrick got totally wasted and pranced around in his little sister’s ballet leotard? Or, wait for it, when Blair passed out after her seventh shot in a span of twenty minutes and everyone drew on her face with a Sharpie? Also, how can we forget when there were tons of updates about how drunk our buddies were and that someone had almost blacked out while driving down local street at over 95 mph?

Fun stuff.

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Well, well, well, would you take a look at soccer? Seems like this sport — which we’ve heard is … eh, somewhat popular in certain areas of the world — has finally gained some long overdue respect in America. Sure, it’s certainly not enough to earn back its rightful name of “football,” but it was just enough to get over 13 million viewers, a new Twitter record and some well deserved trending for our very own Alex Morgan.

Twitter announced that Sunday’s Women’s World Cup championship game between the U.S. and Japan has set a new record for most tweets per second. The 7,196 TPS blows away what would seemingly be more popular events like President Obama’s announcement that Bin Laden had been killed or the 2011 Super Bowl, each getting a little over 4,000 TPS.

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yudof_by_Annie-LiuAnd we use the word “ridiculous” to the greatest possible degree of endearment … when it comes to his twitter feed, at least.

A couple of gems for you:

bit.ly/dtcvP0 Clip of me next to Chancellor White in @undercover_cbs segment reminds me of the movie Twins. I’m playing @DannyDevito
http://nyti.ms/jbv7VR Cursive writing appears to be on the decline. Sensitive subject for me. Flunked handwriting in the fifth grade.
And most importantly:
Don’t forget to call your mother! http://fb.me/JhQkNdk8
We leave you with this:
Goose meanders on hw24, tying up traffic. Commuters take a gander. Didn’t let it get me down.
Image Source: Annie Liu, Daily Cal
Mark Yudof [Twitter]
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shorts11-235x3001Want to know what the heck we mean by Winnemem Wintu? Head to the David Brower Center (home to Gather, that restaurant we can in no way afford) on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. for a benefit concerning, among other things, salmon. [site]

A UC Berkeley student hailing from Egypt discusses the situation back home, concern for his parents and his support for the protesters, who “just want the minimum.” [Mercury News]

Helplessly idealistic and desperate to jet-set? Maybe that’s why this school has produced more Peace Corps volunteers than any other. You should totes be part of that statistic! [News Center]

Twitter is in fact good for more than just trolling Kanye West. Case in point: an ongoing novella from the viewpoint of a fictitious homeless woman with a taste for Cheeseboard and social commentary. [Berkeleyside]

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