smoke that shit

It’s no secret that the people of Berkeley — or as we like to call our adoptive city, “Luttel Amsterdam” (it’s Dutch for “little” so no corrections, English majors!) — love to partake in occasional doses of Cannabis sativa — or as the cool kids like to call it nowadays, “Marijuana.” Take too many strolls down Telegraph Avenue or Downtown Berkeley and we’re almost positive you’ve got no chance of passing your next drug test. And, given that officials seem completely nonchalant about it, why don’t we just finally make like a Dutch tree and smoke leaves. Get it? … No? … Was it that bad? … Okay, we apologize for that.

Robert MacCoun, professor of law and policy at UC Berkeley, has carried out a new study about the regulation of marijuana in the Netherlands and whether the United States would benefit from a similar system.

According to the Huffington Post, coffee shops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell limited amounts of marijuana to adults over the age of 18. Although the Dutch law still declares marijuana an illegal substance, it also prohibits officials from taking action against the coffee shop vendors or customers.

MacCoun explains that the Dutch system is read more »

The books will not burn in Berkeley. With the passage of Measures FF and GG, Berkeley will witness a long overdue renovation for public libraries and a halt on fire station closures, at the sake of an additional $100 annual property tax for Berkeley homeowners. [TMCnet]

Berkeley’s Measure KK was rejected by 77 percent. It’s implications leave many happy, but most are just confused. The voters have spoken: we don’t want the right to vote. [SFGate]

UC Berkeley saves the world again, this time by offering free downloads (two words that are made for each other). Bay Area commuters look forward to the new cell phone program that will save their souls from Bay Area traffic hell. [CBS5]

In the e-mail world, UC Berkeley and UCSD feed us spam, and learn that about 1 out of every 12,500,000 asks for seconds. Dear reader, if you’re that guy, we judge you. [PC World]

UC Berkeley professor Richard Karp is awarded a prize in advanced technology today in Japan. His work allows for the measurement of difficulty of other computational programs. Three cheers for Karp! [KMPH FOX]

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