In a move that we’re still only half-convinced isn’t an elaborate troll, the University recently unveiled a completely redesigned “systemwide identifier” for itself. You’ve already heard our initial reactions to the new logo, but here is some further explanation behind (and outrage against) this change.

University of Fisher-Price Toys, really.

University of Fisher-Price Toys, really.

The cyan-and-yellow design is (somehow) modeled after the current book-and-crest seal, a boldly simple, modern nod to Silicon-Valley chic. According to the University, the redesign won’t replace the UC logo entirely, but is part of an initiative under the broader campaign Onward California. The new design, then, appears more intended to be a friendlier visual supplement, versus a complete overhaul of UC identity. According to Vanessa Correa, Creative Director at the University of California, the reworked design “is less of a rebranding exercise, but instead the creation of a coherent, consistent, and relevant brand identity where before there was none.” Some fancy tricks in Adobe Illustrator might indeed read “relevant” and modern, we must admit. But we’re thoroughly disappointed with this blob. It looks like a blue toilet flushing.

First off – ”brand identity”? Trendy marketable appeal is not something that necessarily encapsulates the centuries-old traditions, values, and honor behind the distinguished institutions that make up the University of California. In fact, part of the reason students choose to attend this very university or its siblings is because of its reputation of time-forged prestige. It is a reputation, of course, grounded in a long history of academic greatness, established by generations of students, academics, and many other bright individuals before us. We pay homage to historical roots of our reputation with the current classic, universally-recognizable emblem. For this reason, we think many would dispute the relevance of stylish appeal in the first place. read more »

studentIf you’ve met someone who claims he or she received a relatively low score on their SATs, but was still admitted to our very own University of California, Berkeley, you may have met the exception student. An exception student is someone who does not meet the minimum requirements of the university but is still offered admission, regardless.

Every year, UC campuses admit thousands of students who do not meet the requirements and recent findings show that the rate of these exception students is only increasing. UC admission offices are restricted to admitting 6 percent of exception students each year as some believe that students should not be defined solely by their test scores, grades and classes. read more »

This some bull!

Honestly, we really hate being the bearers of bad news, so we apologize in advance. Kids, Sacramento is at it again (seriously, are you really that surprised?).

Nowadays, the words “California legislators have a new budget plan” are usually followed by an array of expletives by Cal students. We’re sorry to say that this time will be no different. And the damage is — drumroll please — another $150 million of cuts to the UC system (pause for expletives). This now brings the grand total to $650 million in cuts this year. Yea, we know. read more »


You just got mail from the Chancellor. Yeah, good ol’ Birgy (we’re old friends, so the Clog can call him that) just emailed the student body about a new web-based system to report incidents of bias on UC campuses.

This is, of course, not the only option. You are still free to report bias the old-fashioned way, by going into a campus office and presumably talking to Human Resources. However this new service enables you to file a report online, either via the local bias report or by filing a report directly on the new website. Simply click on the campus in question and file your report. It remains anonymous unless you attach your name directly to it.

After filing a report, you check back in two weeks to see how the campus official has responded. This is also done online –there’s a section on the website for your report key and password.

Bias in this case ranges from hate speech and crimes to bullying and intimidation to hostile campus climates. Ideally, this will stop any swastika-related incidents from happening again.

Image source: Bombardier under Creative Commons
University of California Campus Climate [Site]


We’ve all heard about the racial problems at UC San Diego. You may have even seen the protest on Sproul. And recently the UC regents met with chancellors of various campuses and a special adviser to discuss how to take care of the system’s intolerance problems.

It wasn’t just San Diego, by the way, before you start blaming SoCal. According to the article there was also “anti-gay graffiti and swastikas at Davis and disruption by protesters at a talk read more »

cute hipster

In a Robin Hood-esque move, University of California officials created a new plan to charge undergraduate
engineering and business students $900 more a year than those in other majors. And as humanities majors (otherwise known as the bastard children of academia) we respond with a resounding “sounds good to us!” Except for a slight hitch—the plan has been delayed pending further study.

The plan would basically be an extension of the current system: those who can afford to pay more tuition should pay more. Only now it’s been modified to: those who are majoring in something that will potentially read more »

While every other Berkeley grad schleps to law school, the state of California cries out for more physicians. Cue the plans for two new UC med schools. Neither will grace the Berkeley campus (thank goodness–there are enough people here as it is).

The two med schools (if everything gets greenlighted) will open at Riverside and Merced and use existing facilities in the areas. No more teaching hospitals for you–it’s off to the big boys’ club at clinics and hospitals. Plus the UC system can’t afford those kinds of smackeroos.

Riverside will open in 2012 and Merced in 2013, which makes it just about perfect for you incoming freshman. Want to study medicine in a place where there’s nothing better to do? Well, there’s already Irvine, but at least you’ll have two other choices!

Image Source: ernstl under Creative Commons
UC plans for 2 new medical schools [SF Chron]

UC BerkeleyThe University of California system is just not going to quit in its fight to stop a huge payout to 35,000 students who won a class action lawsuit.

Back in 2003, UC promised students that fees would not increase during their time at school. Surprise surprise, hikes came in the near future.

The UC is challenging this ruling, characterizing the judgment as flawed and unfair.
read more »