2431037499_cda3e6935cOn a rainy, windy, terribly distressing weekend of midterms in March, we tuned in to the live stream of the Western Cup III Quidditch Tournament (Read “Quidditch tournament flying over to the west coast”). Even through the bad-quality, grainy, stream we could see that the sun was shining at UCLA. It was a beautiful day for some Quidditch. The grass seemed much greener on the other side of the television screen, as we sat in our dark dorm room, a torrential down pour keeping us from going outside. During this rainy day we could either study or watch Quidditch, we decided on the latter.  As promised we have the results for you. read more »

10489310_2d9ab9f952_zWe swear we saw the posters in the Free Speech Café come alive and even think we might have spotted Hagrid around People’s Park. It could be that Hogwarts is just on our mind because the largest quidditch tournament ever held on this side of the country is going to take place this month! On March 12 at 9 a.m., gravity may very well give in for the huge number of participants straddling broomsticks.

The Western Cup III Quiditch Tournament will be held on UCLA’s campus. For two days, 19 teams will compete for a chance to catch the golden snitch. Many local teams will be playing such as San Jose State University, Stanford  and of course our very own Quidditch League at Berkeley, who placed fourteenth out of around 100 teams in the Quidditch World Cup last November (accomplishing this great feat using only minimal magic). read more »

oskiAfter last week’s inept play against UCLA, do you really wanna see some Cal football today?

Hell yes you do!

So what if they’ve lost four of the last five games? And so what if quarterback Zach Maynard – the same guy who threw a total of seven interceptions in their last two losses – will be starting again this week? And so what if it’s gonna be colder than a Stanford student’s heart in an Arctic winter? … Wow, these aren’t very encouraging words. How about this: The Bears are playing a team that is slightly worse than they are, meaning that you might actually witness a rare-ish win!

And since you’ll already be across the bay, you can read more »

usc scaryLooking for an extremely last-second costume that’ll scare the sh*t out of some student-athletes? Just wear a USC or UCLA jersey.

This Halloween weekend was completely horrifying for Cal athletics. The most obvious was the ghoulish collapse by the football team in a 31-14 loss at the Rose Bowl. Bears quarterback Zach Maynard managed to surpass his gruesome play against USC a couple of weeks ago – where he threw three interceptions – by throwing four interceptions to UCLA. To be fair, read more »

3030939_a9883342b7This past weekend, while many of you suckers beloved readers were calling Main Stacks home and knee-deep in midterm studying (can someone please explain to us why professors call ‘em “midterms” when we’re only five weeks into the semester?), the Clog took an excursion down south to enjoy the beautiful, polluted auburn skies/beach water of Los Angeles, California.

And, in realizing that our then No. 1 Cal women’s volleyball team would be battling Pac-12 adversaries USC and UCLA on consecutive nights, we figured we’d take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate a couple of victories in enemy territory.

Of course, the gods recognized our arrogant thought process and threw a wrench in our plans.

In 13 games, the Bears had only lost read more »

We promise this is the last post about last week’s strike, but it’s official: the strike has struck. Though not everyone just put down their picket sign and updated their Twitter after Friday’s events:

*Forty-one students were arrested for trespassing. [LA Times]
*Two students had a few fingers broken by a few baton-happy riot guards, although no formal complaints have been filed. [SF Gate] read more »

If you didn’t know who Mark Yudof was a couple months ago, odds are you know who he is now. And if you didn’t know he was an avid and accomplished Tweetist (Tweeter?), boy have you been missing out.

But if you do know what’s up and are of the he-should-be-spending-all-his-time-focusing-on-UC philosophy, then this might not be your cup of tea.

The man’s latest excursion into the Twittersphere: (Warning: May cause mild anxiety for the aforementioned philosophers) read more »

Student tickets for the football game against UCLA go on sale tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. The Cal Bears site says that only currently registered UC Berkeley students with season tickets may order.

Oh, and once you snag your tickets, this dude wants to buy one from you for 40 bucks.

Don’t forget your transport–the LJ Community’s got some tips (other than commandeering a frat bus) on making your way to SoCal.

Image Source: Linda Zhu, Daily Cal
2007 Football Away Games [Cal Bears]
Cal vs. UCLA Football [UCB LJ Community]

*First Up … UCLA Assistant Arrested*
If you haven’t heard yet, UCLA wide receivers coach Eric Scott
has been arrested under the suspicion of burglary.

We didn’t know that coaches for a school squished in between Bel Air and Beverly Hills needed to go out and steal things.

Of course, this has started a whole storm of inquiries about whether or not UCLA did a good enough job doing a background check on Scott—whether or not Scott, who has been sentenced for three other crimes according to the LA Times, is guilty or not.

And who did the background checking? UCLA police And it was actually AOL Fanhouse that made this joke:

bq. When they aren’t tasering students, it seems that the UCLA campus police are not brushing up on their background check skills.

Ah yes. The taser incident. We remember that.

*Voting Machines Faulty*
Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about that UC Davis professor trying to see if the voting machines California would use in its next election were hacker-proof?

Well, according Matt Bishop’s findings, they’re not hacker-proof.

That’s riled up the computer companies, of course.

bq. Allowing a team of University of California computer experts unlimited access to the voting systems, along with any needed passwords, source code and manuals “is not a real world scenario,” said Steven Bennett, a spokesman for Sequoia Voting Systems, whose equipment is used in Alameda, Napa and Santa Clara counties.

Yes, it’s not a real world scenario because hackers are dumber than professors. Shouldn’t we have the right to know even the smallest little kink in our voting machines?

*Obesity Gets Its Day in Research*
We have two stories to tell you about.

First, UC San Diego researchers say that obesity may be socially contagious. According to the study, the chance’s of becoming obese go up to 57 percent if one of your friends is obese, 40 percent if a sibling is obese and 37 percent if your spouse is obese.

bq. “We were stunned to find that friends who are hundreds of miles away have just as much impact on a person’s weight status as friends who are right next door,” said co-author James Fowler of the UC San Diego.

UC Merced will get its hands dirty with this obesity thing. For the next 10 years, UC Merced researcher Rudy Ortiz will inspect what makes kids in the Central Valley obese.

First, it’s great that the newest UC school in the system gets to do some sort of research. Second, there are people living in the Central Valley? We just thought it was void of any form of life other than in Fresno and in Merced.

Image Source: Salgu Wissmath, Daily Cal
Bruins football assistant arrested [ LA Times ]
Voting Machine Companies Attack Review [Forbes]
Makers of voting machines battle critics over UC study [SF Gate]
UC San Diego researchers find obesity can spread in social circles [North County Times]
UC Merced study eyes obese kids [Modesto Bee]

WTF is an accumulation of all the weird things going on … outside of Berkeley. You see, we’re not so weird after all.

American Brothers Gored in Bull Run: A bull broke from the pack during the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona and injured two brothers, goring both of them in the process. One brother suffered goring in what the press likes to call “the buttocks,” and the other saw the bull pierce his leg. There are explicit pictures. We suggest you not eat while looking at them, especially if you’re feasting on kebabs.

Women demand female Pamplona bull run, with cows: Women participate in the yearly festival, but in paltry numbers, some say. And the cows are all for equal rights. Double plus for no possibility of goring. We just hope nobody cries over spilled milk.

Woman Gets Paris’ Old Cell Number And Many Calls: A UCLA student keeps getting calls meant for celebutante Paris Hilton. Most of the calls come between 2 and 4 a.m on the weekends. Must be for invitations to go picnicking, we bet.

Irish Bookie Loses on the Wrong Al Gore: A bookie paid out more than $13,500 to people who bet Al Gore would be the next American celebrity arrested. The bookie didn’t specify which Al Gore, so when A.G. III got pulled over for speeding and the police arrested him on suspicion of possessing marijuana and prescription drugs, some people were big winners (the odds were 14:1). But we all win, really. Time Magazine came out with a story titled “Al Gore’s Son: An Inconvenient Youth.” Aww yeah.

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