Unfortunately — as most of you probably already know — it looks like there will be yet another tuition increase. This news is already enough to send us to angry town, but it gets worse. Did you know that while our tuition is going up, UC administrators and executives are getting raises?!

If you think that these raises are a bit insensitive to UC students and don’t make sense considering all the talk of budget cuts, you’re not alone. California State Senator Leland Yee is a little upset as well. That’s why he introduced a bill that would limit the pay increases for university executives.

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It’s only a matter of time before this story is made into a winning, inspirational movie, but for right now it’s just fact: thanks to the hard work of one gay couple, UCB is now granting sick leave to parents of both genders in order to help them connect with a newborn or adopted child.

The idea sounds simple enough, really, especially since, as father Jon Bain-Chekal discovered, “The change in the policy that we wanted was one sentence.” But since nothing in legal-land is easy, this was actually a six-year battle.

You see, usually pregnant women get six weeks’ paid leave under the state disability program. But in this case, with no one giving birth, there was a “gray area” in read more »

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Looks like all the car bombs, votes of no confidence, letters from indignant professors and talks of walk-out might have gotten the boys upstairs sweating. Or at least they’ve gotten the message that the UC faculty and community would like a little more transparency in executive affairs (apparently the “trust us; you don’t want to bother with the fine print” approach doesn’t fly when doling out massive pay cuts.) Hence, this letter from Vice Prez of Academic Affairs Lawrence Pitts explaining the reasoning behind the final furlough and pay cut plan. Take a neat and tidy summary below: read more »