There are easily thousands of bikes on campus. Any point during the day there are hundreds of bikes locked up at different locations from Sproul and Dwinelle to Moffit and Barrows just to name a few. According to the UCPD there have already been 67 bikes stolen this semester alone and that’s only the number of stolen bikes that have been reported. Bike robbery is a real problem in urban settings like that of UC Berkeley. If you use a bike to get around there is already a risk that it will be stolen. However there a couple steps you can take to help protect your bike.
Register your bike
Seriously, just do it. It only takes a moment, it’s free and it will ensure your bike comes right back to you if it is recovered by the police. Only 1,100 bikes have been registered this semester so if you haven’t registered your bike yet, now is the perfect time. You can register your bike any day of the week from 6 pm. from 9 p.m. at the UCPD front counter in the basement of Sproul Hall. You will need to bring your bike and your ID. After that a friendly CSO will help you fill out the form to get your Bike License. You’ll put two stickers on your bike frame and that’s it, you’re done. Should anything happen to your bike and the police find it, you’ll have your bike home hassle free.
Properly Locking Techniques
The other way to protect your bike is to properly lock it. Locking just your front tire to a pole is a good way to only have a front tire when you return. Using a U-Lock is the best, cable locks are too easy to cut. A common rule a thumb is that a thief is going to go for the bike that looks easiest to steal so every extra step you take to secure your bike is ideal. If you can, carry a second U-Lock or cable so you can secure both of your tires as well as your frame. Use your lock to secure the back tire to the pole through triangle the back of the frame forms, (this will secure the tire as well as the frame). We’re securing the back tire with the U-Lock because it is worth more than the front tire. Then loop the cable through your  front tire and attach to the U-Lock before you close the lock. If you’re using a second U-Lock instead then use it to secure your front tire to your frame.
If someone really wants to steal your bike they will. However most thieves will look for easier picking if you take these steps to properly lock your bike. And if your bike is registered, it has a much greater chancea of making its way back to you.

A properly locked bike

There are easily thousands of bikes on campus. Any point during the day there are hundreds of bikes locked up at different locations from Sproul and Dwinelle to Moffitt and Barrows, just to name a few. According to the UCPD there have already been 67 bikes stolen this semester alone. That’s quite a few and doesn’t include the bike thefts that haven’t been reported. Bike robbery is a real problem in urban settings like that of UC Berkeley. If you use a bike to get around, there is a decent chance that it will be stolen. However, there a couple steps you can take to help protect your bike. read more »


We all know that America is a sue-happy country — Berkeley is no exception. The back and forth sue-ing that has been occurring between the university and the Occupy the Farm kids would make for a good soap opera.

Here’s the Clog’s script and recap of the events of the pass few weeks:

University (U): Yo dudes, you need to get off of this land. It belongs to the UC.

Occupy the Farm (OF): No way! This land belongs to the public! Screw research, we’re reclaiming this for the peoples. read more »

heath ledger joker

The Berkeley City Council meetings (here on out known as BCCM) are free entertainment — the Clog simply can’t get enough. We’ll be providing y’all with a recaps every time we hit one up. Here’s this week’s, involving armored tanks and nuclear energy: read more »

Don’t try to deny it. Cal’s a great the best university, but it still has its drawbacks. As some of you may or may not know, the “hobos” around Berkeley are, for the most part, friendly and even interesting to talk to. However, there are a few shady people that most of us wouldn’t want to come across, especially after a satisfying late night at Foothill or Crossroads. Worst comes to worst, a delirious drunk dude comes at you, demanding money and unicorn blood! What can you do? Spray him down.

Don’t have a can of pepper spray handy? Fret not read more »

Aside from an awkward stance and a few missed swings (maybe they can get a few tips from Cal alumnus – and World Series champ – Allen Craig), UCPD looks like they are ready to take “appropriate actions” to enforce the university’s “[no] encampments or occupations of buildings” rule, as stated in Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s campus-wide email this week.

The video, which was filmed two weeks ago (coincidentally the same day all hell broke loose at the Occupy Oakland movement), appears to us to be a “How to read more »

elmoMeet “earthquake safety Elmo.” He will save you from earthquakes in Japan. Or revive you with irritating laughter. We assume that’s what the Japanese above his head says.

Here in Berkeley, we get extravagant displays of emergency preparedness instead, ones meant to reassure us that we’re in good hands (even if they’re not fuzzy or red).

From 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Friday, expect mock victims, complete with labels and fake injuries, by Wurster and Stanley Halls. 2,500 randomly selected WarnMe subscribers will receive test messages. The campus’ public address system and sirens will go off. Police and fire department officials will be on scene. Madness and mayhem will (ideally) not ensue.

This year’s annual emergency drill theme is “Resilience 2011.” The mock scenario? An earthquake causes an explosion on campus, and everyone calmly and resiliently endures. Mock scenario, indeed …

Image source: kalavinka under Creative Commons
Emergency drill set for Friday [UCB Newscenter]

2942333106_45dda28d61Some good news for the chronic losers among us: The UC Police Department has recently refurbished their lost and found website, making it “much more user-friendly.”

Items that are returned to the campus lost and found in the basement of Sproul Hall are listed in the online database, where they can be sorted by description, item type, and date found. You can also report lost items using the web service. “I will do almost anything to get (your) stuff back,” says Gabrielle Voit, the current lost and found supervisor.

Unless that stuff happens to require “an adult party store and some lung power” to replace, in which case the campus police would refuse to return it. A … party-themed air mattress? A beach ball? An … Oh. Oh dear.

So leave that stuff at home, kids (more accurately: sad, creepy adults). Or at least in some place where you won’t forget it.

Image Source: stuartpilbrow under Creative Commons
Lose your stuff? Don’t lose your head, just click here. [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]

shorts11-235x3001Best way to celebrate our sudden influx of warm weather: dreaded return to academic grind? Right. Try PFA’s screening of many shorts–not to be confused with our own informative pantaloons. [UC Berkeley Events]

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who YOU gonna call? Um, the twofer that is Berkeley’s campus-city ultimate crime-fighting combo. Obvi. [Mercury News]

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s ongoing research in the strife-ridden Gulf points to a quick-moving clean-up that may or may not be taking place as the handiwork of a very small, surprising source. [Wall Street Journal]

Lynne Cheney thinks we suck. [Huffington Post]

Earlier: Many Boo-Boos

Flush.All right, here’s the straight poop: The UC Berkeley campus has got a crappy problem on its hands–or, rather, in its restrooms. Thieves have been sneaking into campus buildings and stealing the flushometers from the toilets, rendering them unusable and costing the university around $8,000 so far, a sum that, for this campus, is nothing to poo-poo.

What’s worse is they’re not dealing with just any ol’ common crooks, here. These Johns are apparently toilet-crippling criminal masterminds. “But, why?” you ask, “Why would anyone sh*t all over others’ rights to sanitation, especially when the university is piss-poor?” The answer, friends, is greed. Turns out, one can make a pretty penny selling crapper parts as scrap metal and … used crapper parts. Gross.

In any case, UCPD is pissed off. Contact them if you see anything suspicious or if you know anything about this rash of crimes. (We’d try to crack more jokes, but we’re a bit drained. Please forgive the Clog.)

Image Source: Connie Chen, Daily Cal
Money Going Down the Drain with Recent Thefts [Daily Cal]
UCPD Hopes to Flush Out Bathroom Burglar [Daily Cal]


The bummers do not cease. When campus officials got word that the Live Weekers were planning a totally rad all-night concert for tonight in Wheeler Hall, they had them all arrested for trespassing. The concert would have included guest performers and a live DJ.

Protesters vowed the concert would have ended by 8 a.m., an hour before finals were set to begin in the same building, but campus officials, lame to their cores, did not wish to take any chances with those f*cking hippies (note: the term “f*cking hippies” was not actually employed by anyone, to our knowledge). read more »

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