It's a raccoon. Stealing an ostrich egg. Not that No. 4 Berkeley should exactly be brimming with pride to be anywhere on this list of the “15 Worst College Crime Areas.” But, hey, at least we’re not UC Santa Barbara which, somewhat surprisingly, managed to earn that big numero uno.

The report, which was released by and personal finance blog WalletPop, doesn’t include violent crime, mind you. Only “property crime.” The areas are ranked by their  number of property crimes (thefts, basically) per 1,000 residents.

Furthermore, it looks like Northside dwellers can breathe a little easier than Southside folk. read more »

Stop toying with our emotions, Ultimate College Bowl! First we’re behind UCSB, then we’re beating UCSB because you extend of the contest’s confusing deadline, then you tell us we lost after all! This is worse than Florida in 2000. And the stakes are, like, way higher this time around. Who cares about the president when Death Cab for Cutie is involved?

In case you missed the beginning of this epic saga, here’s a little re-cap: read more »

For a short time, you couldn’t walk anywhere on campus without the underlings of the Ultimate College Bowl voter registration drive tripping you up, wagging flyers under your nose, and generally being a big fat nuisance underfoot. Monopolizing real estate on Sproul Plaza, Sather Gate and North Gate, volunteers collared passers-by with the aim of getting them to register for the upcoming election. The dangled carrot? A free concert, given by Death Cab for Cutie on this very campus.

Last we checked, Berkeley was trailing UC Santa Barbara by a few hundred voters. In fact, we still are trailing UCSB by a few hundred voters, according to the Ultimate College Bowl website. But a new report from UCSB’s newspaper, the Daily Nexus, informs readers that it was all a terrible mistake, because UCSB didn’t win–Berkeley did. read more »