Yo man there’s a lotta UCSD Frat Boys out there flakin’ and perpetratin’ but scared to kick reality. While Pi Kappa Alpha absolutely denies any ties to the now infamous Black History Month “Compton Cookoutinvite, the controversy has grown from a racist fetus into a bulbous, bigoted, Bob Ewell-sized tumor.

Among several combative initiatives, UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox is advocating a task force to smack down on violators of the Student Code of Conduct.

Chancellor Birgenau flooded our inboxes this morning with an obligatory read more »


Every once in a while somebody screws up real bad in just the right way at just the right time. UC San Diego came really, really close to achieving this cosmic occurrence, mistakenly sending a “welcome” letter to all of its freshly rejected applicants on the eve of April Fools’ Day. While thousands of students rethink the future course of their lives after having their hopes and dreams mercilessly shattered, shabbily re-glued, and then shattered again, the Clog can only contemplate what the ensuing “our bad” apology letter would entail if this blunder had occurred a day later. read more »