unclesamBeauty comes at a price, and the Berkeley Rose Garden knows this all too well. There is a lack of funding to maintain the Garden and it’s looking a little worse for the wear.

Plus, Friends of the Berkeley Rose Garden, which was founded to aid with the Garden’s maintenance, needs more volunteers. The group currently only has six members — an insufficient number to get all of the work done. Ideally, these new volunteers will be younger, said group volunteer Christina Platt.

Although the Berkeley Landmark will receive $325,000 from the city, that too will not be enough to restore the park to its former glory, as $4,000,000 worth of repairs was suggested. The pergola (archway), the pathway, and the disabled accessibility are the things that are highest on the agenda.

Volunteering doesn’t require any serious commitment. Simply show up at the Berkeley Rose Garden any Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Be there or be square!

Image Source: DonkeyHotey under Creative Commons
Berkeley Rose Garden Needs a Little Help from Its Friends [Berkeley Patch]

Do your duty!We know it may seem like we here at the Clog aren’t really that up on the Cal sports (besides Quidditch now that we have it, obvies) but … OK, that’s basically true. But this should only magnify the gravity of the situation. Apparently, the Cal men’s basketball team is real close to being the Pac-10 conference champion for the first time in 50 years. That’s literally half a century. Literally.

So you can see why coach Mike Montgomery is asking for all the help he can get. We have it on good authority that while playing this so-called “basketball,” having many fans present making copious amounts of noise is can actually help the team whose home court upon which said game is being played emerge victorious. That, Cal fans, is where you come in. read more »