4587148139_41d8abe31cFact: The Bay Area is the only part of the country currently experiencing any kind of reasonable weather. Of course, what we consider reasonable includes the fabulously misty mornings and sunless skies of late, so if you’re into summers that are more along the lines of a 100-degree steam bath, then you’re probably pretty depressed.

But if bundling up in August is totally your bag, get excited for more Film Nights in the Park. We say “more” because, admittedly, it’s been going on since May. Whatever. It wasn’t news until we said so, mang.

Plus, now’s time for all the (more or less) worthwhile flicks. Like read more »

Mark your calendars (if you’re of the drinking age, that is): On Nov. 14, John’s Grill in Union Square will celebrate its 100th anniversary with eight-cent drinks.

Yes, cents. If you’ve got some spare change to rub together, head over between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Best way to end a week of class ever, even with the two cheapo drink limit.

Image Source: Olivander under Creative Commons
John’s Grill to Celebrate 100 Years With 8-Cent Cocktails [Eater SF]

Conga mayhem.The Bay Area National Dance Week kicked off yesterday with conga dancing in downtown San Francisco. We hear the public conga line, which took place in Union Square, wasn’t much of a success — despite the encouragement of an entire brass band and a host of wiggling, jiggling go-go dancers. For a conga line that aspired to be the West Coast’s longest, participation peaked at about a couple dozen dancers. Aw, shucks.

The event still has about 300 other chances to redeem itself. Through this weekend and the next week, about 2,500 dance artists and 20,000 members of the public are expected to participate in 300 events. Reportedly, the list of free classes include “Alexander Technique, capoeira, classical Indian dance, contra dance, embodied presence, Feldenkrais, hip-hop, hula, improvisational dance, salsa, same-sex partner dancing, tango, tap and tribal belly dance.” For those in your general vicinity, check out the list after the jump. read more »