Marching bands are pretty cool. Also, we have to admit that video games are pretty cool as well. But what if the two were combined into one impressively well-choreographed marching band routine? Well that is just what the marching band at Ohio State University did during one of their half time shows in what is quite possibly the most entertaining performance we’ve seen in a while. However, despite the attention the video has been getting, there seems to be a mini-controversy regarding the theme of OSU’s routine. They aren’t the first ones to do it.”

Coincidentally, Cal actually did a routine very similar to OSU’s back in 2007 in a couple football games that year against Stanford and Washington State. Naturally, the controversy is coming from YouTube commenters who are arguing away about whose better and who should get all the credit. To tell the truth, we didn’t realize that our marching band had done something like this in the past (It was before our time for some of us at the Clog so you can’t blame us!) but after doing a search on YouTube of “video game marching bands,” we pulled up the video by chance.

Honestly, the question of which school did what, when and where during what moment that the planets were aligned shouldn’t be a concern to everybody. After all, we both pulled off some pretty neat and entertaining performances. Regardless, the anonymous inhabitants of the internet should just take it easy and relax. While they do that, let us enjoy these lovely homages to our childhood video games of old!

Actually, she toots a clarinet–and 47-year-old Cal student Cynthia Erb doesn’t need to boast about being the oldest recent member of our awesome band. Today, the Contra Costa Times featured this former investment banker’s story, which should be an inspiration to all the broke Haas students out there who may want to actually chase their dreams instead of chasing paper.

Currently a student of the department of architecture here at Berkeley, Erb decided to go back to school after a career in banking because she wanted to “indulge her long-term interest in design.” With dream No. 1 well on its way to fulfillment, playing clarinet for the Cal Band was the second dream she was to act upon, even though she is more than 20 years older than her band mates.

We should note that in addition to playing in the Cal Band and being a student in one of the most overworked departments at Berkeley, Cynthia Erb is a wife, has three children and lives almost 20 miles away from campus. Compare that to those of us young’uns who can hardly manage to walk to Shattuck Avenue from campus–or those who would rather not try to balance a job, extracurriculars and midterms with Facebook-time and partying.

Can we get a “You go, girl?”

Image Source: Ian Buchanan, Daily Cal
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