University of Michigan, or at least some of its students, seems to want a lot from everyone else: Coach Tedford from Cal, labor standards from clothing manufacturers and reimbursement for upwards of $6,000 in fines incurred against 12 protesters sitting in against labor standards for the companies that force six-year-olds to make university-licensed clothing without benefits.

Cry us a river. If students in Berkeley were willing to starve for their beliefs (even if for a totally unrelated cause and only questionably successful), we don’t see why Michigan should get its panties in a bunch over less than a month’s worth of rent. We pay our own legal fees.

Besides, protesting sweatshops is so two years ago. Even Stanford and Columbia caught on, students staged sit-ins or, in UC Berkeley’s case, naked picketing outside California Hall.

And maybe size doesn’t matter, but let’s take a look at each protest’s attendance:
* Stanford: 11
* Michigan: 12
* Columbia: 15
* UC Berkeley: 100

Oh, and did we mention our Campanile is bigger?

Image Source: Eli Weissman, Daily Cal
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This is slightly amusing (or scary, whichever). The “contemptible Michigan power blogger” hasn’t ceased “begging for our Teddy“. Not only that, he deemed recent “The Band Is Out On The Field Tedford-kvetching“: to be an evil plot.

The jokingly paranoid dude wrote:

bq. I call smokescreen. We still covet precious Tedford. In two weeks the Bears face off against Oregon; if Cal wins the drumbeat will intensify. Ted-ford. Ted-ford.

Now, is it ridiculous to blog about a blogger’s fake criticism of another blogger’s football assessment? Umm … No?

A few thoughts on Tedford, while we’re on the topic. Though JT is our “ass-kicking savior“:, he can’t seem to save us from annual demolishing at the hands of USC. True, we don’t receive the, ahem, “extra benefits” that a private school gets. But Cal should be snagging some better recruiting classes. It’s not like there are a bunch of pissed-off, tree-dwelling hippies standing/climbing in the way of athletic facility construction.

Oh, wait.

(Checking Internet for the first time in 7 months)

On second thought, Tedford’s a miracle worker. Eat snow, you home-wrecking Michigan Wolverweasel fans. And chill out, Berkeley sports blog community.

Image Source: Daily Cal
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